Inviting Faculty to host a 5-day STEM Internship for URM students in July 2018

Dear Department Chairs & Faculty:

Looking for 10 MTU Faculty/Research Associates to Host 5-Day HS STEM Internships

Greetings MTU Faculty & Research Associates:   (please forward to department faculty)

This summer we will kick off a NEW STEM Internship Program at Michigan Tech for high school students from downstate urban areas and across the UP who will be first generation college students. We will first target students who have visited MTU previously to continue to promote their interest in Michigan Tech. Research shows that getting students on campus is the #1 way to get them to apply to Michigan Tech… and also to be friendly & welcoming, encouraging, and passionate about our work—it’s contagious!!

We will be collaborating with Youth Programs and using their downstate buses for transportation and their dorm staff for supervision.

Last summer, Amy Marcarelli (Biological Sciences), Nina Mahmoudian (ME), and Brad King (ME) piloted the internship with a HS student and all had good reports.

COST:  $500  (includes 6 days of meals & 5 nights lodging in Wadsworth Residence Hall, which includes student supervision from 4 pm to 8 am; roundtrip bus transportation from downstate; student recruitment, placement and program coordination). We will be asking the host department to pay $500/intern.

* Two $250 scholarships for a Native American student from the UP to participate in an environmentally-related research project has been funded by the Upper Peninsula Environmental Coalition.

**$250 will be covered by an anonymous donor for all internships.

If you or your Department would be willing to host a student, please follow the link to provide information about the internship. We are looking for 10 faculty hosts for this summer.
 STEM Internship Form


Wednesday, Feb 8              Complete recruitment flyer. See attached flyer.

Friday, Feb 9          Solicit interest from faculty/departments in hosting a high school URM 5-day STEM intern in July 2018

Friday, Feb. 26           Internship descriptions due to

Wed,, March 21          Deadline for student applications (Host faculty reviews)

Thursday, April 5       HS student recipients announced for internship positions

Thursday, April 19     Students need to confirm their acceptance of the internship, or it will be offered to another student.


Student internship offerings will be promoted in Detroit, Flint, Saginaw, Grand Rapids, Baraga, L’Anse, Hannahville, Watersmeet, and Brimley
Thanks so much for your consideration. Let me know if you have questions.