Request for Proposal S18-054 Prototyping Carrier Basket Arrays

We would like to call your attention to Request for Proposal S18-054 “Prototyping Carrier Basket Arrays” (RFP), which we believe will be of significant interest to your institution.  Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. (Leidos Biomed) is issuing the RFP and will be responsible for awarding the resulting Agreement(s), in support of the Division of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis, National Cancer Institute (NCI).  Leidos Biomed is the Operations and Technical Support Services Contractor of the Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, which solely supports the NCI mission.


The RFP seeks proposals to use shape-changing materials (“smart materials”) to create an arrayed carrier suitable for transporting 3-dimensional mammalian organoid cultures from multi-well cell culture plates into common histology cassettes.  The idea to use shape-changing materials and similar strategies that precisely control shape and size changes stems from the need to convert the size of the array from the standard dimensions of multi-well cell culture plates (127.76 x 85.48 x 14.35 mm, per The Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening ( into the standard dimensions of histology cassettes (24 x 30 x 11 mm), in order that 3D organoid cultures can be processed en masse into a paraffin block for sectioning onto slides and immuno/histochemical analysis.

The Project Objective is to design and prototype carriers that can readily bridge these two standardized systems by shrinking, expanding, or both, without perturbing the payload of 3D organoids being transported.  The RFP represents the initial stage of the Project and, therefore, focuses on identification of candidate materials and the design, limited production and testing of prototypes; successful prototypes will play an important role in proving feasibility of the approach.

You are invited to submit a proposal in accordance with the requirements of the RFP.  The RFP Package consists of two attachments: (i) the first is the RFP document, which includes instructions for preparing the proposal; and (ii) the second is the Agreement document, which is provided in advance of award to allow time to review the terms and conditions.

The issuance of the RFP is the first step in a multi-step process, which will culminate in the receipt of proposals.  PROPOSALS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 2:00 PM (EST) ON THURSDAY, MARCH 15, 2018.  PROPOSALS RECEIVED AFTER 2:00 PM (EST) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.  In between now and March 15, 2018, two “Bidders’ Teleconferences” have been scheduled: (i) 12:15 pm (EST) on Thursday, February 22, 2018; and (ii) 3:15 pm (EST) on Wednesday, March 7, 2018.  These teleconferences will provide a venue to ask and receive answers to questions regarding the RFP, the proposal and subcontracting processes, the technical project’s nature and scope, and other related topics.  You can join the teleconferences by calling 855.462.5367, passcode 8936166.