Midterm grades for ESL graduate students due Monday, March 5th

Midterm grades are due by noon on Monday, March 5th.  Grade submission for both Banner Self-Service and Canvas are currently open.  Midterm grades are for full semester courses only and are for first year students, transfer students, and ESL students.

Satisfactory grades (A-C) should be entered as SA and Unsatisfactory grades (D-F) as UN.  Grades not turned in by the deadline will have “M” (missing) grades assigned.  Once the grade process is complete and the missing grades have been assigned, electronic grade submission is no longer an option and instructors will need to notify their students as to how they are doing in the course.

Please forward the attached grade memo to all faculty in your department who may have to submit mid term grades for their students.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.  As always thank you for all you do!