Join a consortium bid for USAID

Michigan Tech is responding to an opportunity to join a consortium in a bid to become a Research Technical Assistance Center for the USAID. This is a non-exclusive opportunity, with no funding at this time. Essentially, DAI Global (referenced in the email with more information below) is building a team and associated expertise for an initial bid to USAID. Should this bid be selected by USAID, it may lead to future opportunities that would require technical/research expertise from among the pool of expertise highlighted by the partners in the DAI team. In other words, there is no funding now but this could lead to funding in the future.
Michigan Tech is providing a letter of support/interest. Here is where your help is needed: DAI also needs individual statements of commitment from relevant faculty, postdocs, grad students, research scientists.  These must be received by February 28. The form is available by emailing Pete I have filled in some of the boilerplate information, the remaining items should only take a couple of minutes for each individual to complete. If you have interest in USAID work in developing countries, please consider taking a moment to fill in the attached form.
Forms can be emailed directly to DAI’s point of contact Anand Varghese at: or they can be forwarded to me and I will compile and send. Forms are needed by February 28, so this is a short timeline. I’ve included leaders of relevant areas on campus – please forward to others who may have interest. 
Our point of contact at DAI has offered to discuss and answer any questions that should arise. Let me know if you have any questions and I will work with Anand to address.
One final point: participation is non-exclusive and non-binding. Any interested individuals will have an opportunity to opt in or out of projects (should they arise) at a later date.
Pete (