UC Davis Open Diversity Search

UC Davis was awarded “The Advancing Faculty Diversity Grant” for the purpose of increasing the diversity of ladder rank faculty through open searches conducted in the 2018-19 academic year.

UC Davis’ Office of Academic Affairs is currently conducting eight open-rank searches for tenure-track faculty in coordination with the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion as well as the deans of the participating schools/colleges. The searches are college or school-wide, without specification of a specific discipline or department, provided that an applicant’s area of expertise falls within a discipline embodied in the academic unit. Therefore, the successful engineering candidate may be placed into any of the eight engineering departments.

In addition to a strong record of research and teaching excellence, successful candidates will also have an accomplished track record (calibrated to their career stage) of teaching, research or service activities addressing the needs of African-American, Latino(a)/Chicano(a)/Hispanic, and Native American students or communities. Successful candidates will have a clearly articulated vision of how their work at UC Davis will continue to contribute to the University’s mission of serving the needs of our diverse state and student population. Applicants’ track record of engagement and activity related to diversity, equal opportunity, and inclusion as well as their plans for future engagement will be a significant part of the overall evaluation of the candidate’s qualifications for a faculty appointment.

More information, including how to apply can be found at the following links: