CIDER 2019 Summer Program: Volcanoes

The CIDER 2019 summer program focuses on Volcano Science. Volcanic eruptions are common phenomena and more than 50 volcanic eruptions have occurred in the US alone in the past 31 years. These eruptions can have devastating economic and social consequences. Many volcanic eruptions have precursory signals that last from days to months while the actual eruptive events can last several years or decades. Volcanic eruptions and emissions can modulate climate and affect atmospheric conditions. Volcanoes are pathways of samples and signals to the surface and provide critical information on deep earth processes.


  • Simon Carn, Michigan Tech
  • Tobias Fischer, University of New Mexico
  • Michael Manga, U.C. Berkeley
  • Diana Roman, Carnegie Institution of Science
  • Paul Wallace, University of Oregon
  • Bruce Buffett, U.C. Berkeley, CIDER PI

Week 1 – 4 (June 17 – July 12) Lectures, tutorials and workshop open to advanced graduate students and post-docs, as well as senior participants.

Apply here. Application deadline: February 15th, 2019  Further details will be on the application page.