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Michigan Tech Students Head to Detroit for Alternative Spring Break

Members of Michigan Tech’s chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) are in Detroit to participate in an alternative spring break 2012 week. Eight members of the Michigan Tech student chapter of the NSBE will visit six middle schools and one high school to talk with students. They will also conduct Family Engineering events at three schools. Family Engineering includes fun, hands-on activities for the whole family, such as “Mining For Chocolate” and “Glue Is The Clue.” The program, developed at Michigan Tech and now available across Michigan and nationwide, is designed to engage and inspire young people and their families to consider careers in engineering and science. Read More about NSBE Family Engineering in Detroit

Railroad Night 2012 Features Federal Railroad Administration Engineer

The Rail Transportation Program (RTP) and the Rail Engineering and Activities Club (REAC)   held the 7th Annual Railroad Night, February 21, 2012 at the Shelden Grill in the Magnuson Hotel, Houghton. This year’s keynote speaker was Kevin Kesler, Chief of the Engineer and Operating Practice Division for the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).  This was a  great opportunirty to meet rail industry people, see photos at the Rail Transportation Program link:   Railroad Night 2012 for more information.

Scholarship Opportunities for Engineering Juniors, Seniors and Grad Applicants

The Michigan Tech Sustained Support to Ensure Engineering Degrees (SSEED) program (funded by NSF S-STEM) is in its second year of four. In 2011-12, the program awarded 33 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to engineering juniors and seniors. The program awarded five fellowships of $8,000 each to first-year engineering graduate students.

The purpose of the undergraduate scholarships is to improve the retention of upper division engineering students who have financial need and other risk factors that make it difficult to complete their degrees. The purpose of the graduate fellowships is to improve the recruitment of women and minorities to graduate study in engineering.

In 2012-13, the program will again award up to 35 undergraduate scholarships and five graduate fellowships. The program also features mentoring and professional development opportunities. The application deadline is March 15 for undergraduate scholarships and May 1 for graduate fellowships. Share this information with qualified students.

For more information, see SSEED, or contact Michele Miller at 487-3025 or at mhmiller@mtu.edu .

Graduate Research Colloquium

Graduate Research Colloquium For Spring 2012:   The Graduate Student Government sponsored the Graduate Research Colloquium Poster & Presentation Competition. The colloquium was a unique opportunity for students  to share their research with the university community and to gain experience in presenting that research to colleagues.

Here are the pictures and posters from the 2012 Colloquium

Here is a Photo Set on Michigan Tech Flickr

Abstracts of Posters & Presentations for Spring 2012 Graduate Research Colloquium PDF

Career Opportunities In Rail Industry

For the Fall 2011 Rail Info Night, many of the career opportunities In the rail industry were presented. Dan Rubin of Union Pacific presented a keynote talk about recent rail industry developments. A panel of Rail Industry officials discussed career opportunities and trends in the industry. Many of the participants were Michigan Tech Alumni. Michigan Tech Rail Info Night 2011 sponsored by the Rail Transportation Program and the Railroad Engineering Activities Club

See Videos of Rail Industry recruiters and photos

RV Agassiz Scientific Excursions

Captain Jim Vivian and Chief Scientist Marcel Dykstra put on an amazing “show” this past Saturday for 108 community members (about 1/3 of those who attended were ages 7-17 years) who had the opportunity to take a scientific excursion (one of six offered) aboard the Agassiz at the Strawberry Festival. Joan Chadde introduced each excursion and stated the funders and sponsors, and the importance of having citizens act as informed stewards of the Great Lakes.

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Dr. Mayer Earns Binational Award

Professor Alex Mayer has received the Lake Superior Binational Forum’s 2011 individual Environmental Stewardship Award for the US. The award honors “extraordinary achievements by ordinary people.” The Lake Superior Binational Forum is composed of 12 Canadian and 12 American stakeholders, representing industrial, Tribal/First Nations, business, environmental, recreational, tourism, health, labor and academic interests.

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