GoGrad.org scholarship resources

Over here at GoGrad.org, our passion is providing students with tools that can help them be successful in reaching their goals. As you know, no two students are alike, but when it comes time to apply for scholarships it can sometimes seem like it. We’ve put together some guides that are just as unique as the students you serve—we’d love if you checked out a couple below:

MBA Scholarships: http://www.gograd.org/financial-aid/scholarships/mba/
Scholarships for Women: http://www.gograd.org/financial-aid/scholarships/women/
Scholarships for Military Veterans: http://www.gograd.org/financial-aid/scholarships/military-veterans/
LBGTQ Scholarships: http://www.gograd.org/financial-aid/scholarships/lgbtq/

We know the scholarship process can be confusing, that’s why we put together these guides to help students find, apply for, and receive scholarships that will help keep them on track to graduation.

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