Female Athlete $1,000 Scholarship


Deadline: May 30, 2018

Amount: $1,000

Eligibility: Female students who are studying for a degree in one or more of the following: Sports Science, Sports Physiotherapy. Sports Management, Physical and Sport Education, Sport Psychology, Sports Nutrition, Sports Rehabilitation, any Sports-related degree.

Application: 400-600 word essay response to on of the following topics:
– “Are there women in sports today that you see as role models? Who and why?”
– “Why is baseball important to the sporting world in general?”
– “Where will the sport of baseball be 10 years from now?”
– “In your perspective, how has sport changed in the last two decades”
Submit essay and personal details via email to scholarship@batandballgame.com

Questions? info@batandballgame.com

Website: https://batandballgame.com/scholarship/

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