EduGeeks Essay Writing Contest

Deadline: May 31, 2019


First Prize – $450

Second Prize – $350

Third Prize – $300

Eligibility: The contest is open to individuals regardless of their location, age or nationality.


Please send us your essay to

  1. Word count: keep your writing from 600 to 1000 words.
  2. Your essay should be unique and written by yourself. We will check its uniqueness on plagiarism check software.
  3. It should be written in the English language only.
  4. Submission format: file either in doc. / docx. / pdf. named Essay_Contest_(your name and surname).
    Example: Essay_Contest_John_Smith

In the file also please designate:

  • Contact email
  • Country of origin
  • Your age
  • Topic of your essay
  1. The number of entries: you can submit a few essays if you would like to.
  2. The admission is FREE.
Essay topics:
  1. The most important lesson college has taught us.
  2. Pros and cons of being a straight-A student.
  3. The biggest difficulty I face while writing assignments.
  4. Why I don’t like studying but love learning.
  5. Should “gifted” students receive special educational treatment?
  6. Tech in the classroom: to what extent it is a reasonable implication.
  7. Why multicultural classroom is one of the best results of globalization.
  8. The person I still remember from school.


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