Remote Learner Totals

by Jackie Huntoon, Provost and Senior VP for Academic Affairs

Prior to the start of the COVID-19 disruption, which basically coincided with Michigan Tech’s spring break, approximately 25% of Michigan Tech’s full-time instructional personnel had gone through the complete professional development program designed to prepare them to teach fully online courses. Since that time, about 375 individuals have either signed up for or completed that training. Just over 40 additional individuals have signed up for the remote instruction professional development program. This means that by the time fall semester begins, more than 585 individuals, or 84% of full-time instructional personnel employed at Michigan Tech during spring semester 2020, will have completed a professional development program designed to help them improve their instruction in remote, online, and face-to-face settings. Even better news is that these numbers are expected to rise, as people are still working with their chairs and deans to determine and get signed up for the right program for them.  

I want to thank all the faculty who have completed or will be completing this professional development in preparation for fall semester. Your efforts demonstrate your commitment to our students’ success.