Deadline for Accelerated Master’s Programs Extended

by Graduate School

Master’s degrees give graduates a competitive advantage in today’s job market. Besides providing specialized knowledge in a field, a master’s degree provides more career options, increases earnings and facilitates upward mobility on the corporate leadership track. Michigan Tech’s accelerated master’s degree programs are designed to provide a faster, easier and more cost-effective route for Michigan Tech students to earn a master’s degree.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Graduate School is extending the accelerated master’s degree application deadline for students beginning in fall 2020. This will provide additional flexibility for students who graduated in spring 2020.

In the past, graduating students needed to apply for and be accepted into an accelerated master’s program before they graduated. Spring 2020 graduates will now have up until the start of fall semester 2020 to apply for and enroll in an accelerated master’s program. This is a one-time relaxation of the application deadline in order to give recent graduates an avenue to advance in an environment where internships and jobs are being postponed or canceled.

The Graduate School will send an email to all eligible students about the application deadline extension. Learn more about accelerated master’s programs by visiting Email or if you have questions.