Return to Campus: Cleaning

by University Marketing and Communications

Last week, Michigan Tech entered Step Two in our Return to Campus Plan. As the University prepares for Step Three this fall, students and employees, understandably, have questions. Theresa Coleman-Kaiser, associate vice president for administration, discussed specifics of the University’s plan for cleaning when Step Three begins.

Q: How will we be cleaning classrooms? Doorknobs? Computer mice and keyboards?

A: When we return to face-to-face teaching, classrooms will be cleaned daily, and instructional personnel will be asked to use sanitizing wipes on any shared classroom equipment such as computer keyboards, mice, and document cameras before and after each use. High-frequency touchpoints will be wiped on a regular basis throughout the day, but users should always treat these touchpoints as having the potential for harboring the virus and take steps to protect themselves. Disinfectants will be those approved to kill SARS-CoV-2 by the EPA.

Q: How often will bathrooms be cleaned in academic buildings and in residence halls? 

A: Bathrooms in academic and administrative buildings will be cleaned once a day, five days per week, which has been our usual schedule during non-pandemic times. Bathrooms in the residence halls will be cleaned twice a day, seven days per week, which is a higher frequency as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the American College Health Association (ACHA).

Q: Tell us about the kitchenettes, water fountains and other high-contact areas. What’s the plan for those?

A: A specific plan will be put in place for public spaces, water fountains, and other high-contact areasBuilding custodians will be spending less time in departmental spaces so that they can redirect their effort to more frequent sanitizing of high-frequency touchpoints such as water fountains, doorknobs, light switches, elevator buttons and handles.

Departments will need to do their part by continuing to bring their trash and recycling to the common designated area(s) within their building and regularly wiping the high-frequency touchpoints within their individual offices, office suites, kitchenettes and break rooms. Custodians will visit offices on a weekly basis for vacuuming and maintenance checks.