New Form Added to MTU Flex Portal

by University Marketing and Communications

Data is one of the key tools Michigan Tech is using to try to find COVID-19 cases quickly, stop the spread, and keep the campus community and our local community safe. We need your help in order to optimize our success. While it is essential that we know when you are symptomatic or have a positive COVID-19 test, data that you are not exhibiting symptoms or have had a negative COVID-19 test is also important as we are actively monitoring our campus health conditions. We are now pleased to announce that in the ongoing efforts to keep our community as safe and informed as possible in the midst of the current global coronavirus pandemic, Michigan Tech is making it even easier for employees to add to the information being amassed to fight COVID-19 on campus.

Employees who have received a COVID-19 test, regardless of the results, are asked to inform the University via the new Report a COVID-19 Test Form, recently added to the MTU Flex Portal. If you have received a COVID-19 test, Michigan Tech needs certain information regarding the test, including the date of the test, the result of the test, the date when symptoms, if any, were first experienced and your last date on campus.  

Sarah Schulte, general counsel and secretary to the Board of Trustees, said employees are the first group reporting data on this form, but that a similar version will be used for students upon their return. “The test results reported by employees are currently being used by MTU Human Resources. When a negative test result is reported, HR works with the employee regarding when they are permitted to return to campus. For a positive test result, which we have not yet had, HR would provide employees with the work and leave options available for their individual circumstances,” Schulte said. Additionally, the University would work with the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department regarding campus contact points and other actions that may need to be taken, such as enhanced cleaning.