Understanding Campus Health and Safety Levels

by University Marketing and Communications

Last month, Michigan Tech entered Step Two in the three-step Return to Campus Plan. Prior to the start of the fall semester, the University will begin Step Three, which calls for a return to near-normal operations and the return of students to campus. Once the semester starts, the Return to Campus Plan will end, and the University will transition to using Health and Safety Levels on campus.

Sarah Schulte, general counsel and secretary to the Board of Trustees, said the five levels are focused on returning students and additional employees back to campus as safely as possible and on creating the environment needed to continue the fall semester uninterrupted. “The levels give us the flexibility to offer students and employees the most normal campus experience possible while keeping the health and safety of everyone on campus as our first priority,” Schulte said.

The levels range from Level One, which allows face-to-face instruction and limited social distancing, to Level Five, which calls for remote instruction and limited campus activity. MTU Flex will be utilized as the instruction protocol for Levels Two through Four.

“Movements between levels will be determined by the COVID-19 public health situation on campus and in the community, the fall academic calendar and the strength of the local health care system with the real-time demand on it,” Schulte said.

Each of the five levels includes specific actions for various health and safety protocols, including testing, cleaning, symptom tracking, the use of face coverings, contact tracing, employee presence on campus, indoor and outdoor events, visitors to campus and more.

Schulte said it’s vital the students and employees are aware of which level is in effect at all times. “The current campus Health and Safety Level will be readily apparent,” she said. “The level will be posted on the MTU Flex site, the main MTU website and communicated via email and text and on digital signage.”

Schulte stressed that Michigan Tech’s return to campus will be informed by state orders/guidelines and University health and safety evaluations.

Specific information on each of the five Health and Safety Levels can be found on the MTU Flex Portal.