Michigan Tech Responds to Changes Impacting International Students

by International Programs and Services

Last week, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced modifications to exemptions for non-immigrant students enrolled at colleges and universities during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the new federal guidelines make clear, each F-1 student must take at least one in-person or hybrid course this fall. This guidance does not conflict with our MTU Flex plans for the fall semester.

International Programs and Services (IPS) sent all international students an email on Tuesday, July, 7, explaining how this modification impacts them. Another email was sent on Friday, July 10 instructing students to review their courses for the Fall 2020 semester to ensure they have an in-person course on their schedule. For students who have not yet registered, we directed them to work with their department or academic advisor to immediately register. The Deans and Department Chairs are encouraged to work closely with faculty and advisors to ensure this is accomplished. 

Michigan Tech cares deeply for our international students and their education and presence here is one of our top priorities. We plan to do whatever we can under the law to make certain that Michigan Tech provides in-person courses for international students so that they can complete their education here in the United States. 

As this situation is ongoing and still under review, we will update the campus community as we learn more. 

For more information contact Kellie Raffaelli, director of IPS.