Play Parade of Nations Hide and Seek

by Jennifer Donovan, Parade of Nations Committee

Does your organization want to take the community on a Parade of Nations scavenger hunt? Help celebrate our multicultural heritage by signing up to be a “Hide Team” for the 2020 Parade of Nations.

Hide Teams will create clues to a particular country or cultural heritage and hiding places for those clues. The Parade of Nations committee will hide the clues and send the first clue to Find Teams that have signed up to play the game.

The clues can be a picture, riddle, hint about the location, or anything else that leads to but does not reveal the actual location. Clues can be hidden anywhere within safe walking, biking, or traveling distance throughout the Houghton, Hancock, or surrounding areas.

The Parade of Nations committee will produce QR codes for the clues. These codes will be taped to the outside of clear plastic boxes, so Find Teams can scan them without touching or opening the box.

The deadline for Hide Teams to submit their clues and hiding places is Friday, Aug. 21. The submission form can be found on the Parade of Nations website. The first clues will be sent to Find Teams on Sept. 5. They will also be posted on the Parade of Nations website.

The scavenger hunt will last two weeks, until Sept. 19. A drive-through prize ceremony is planned for that day, which is the date the Parade of Nations was originally scheduled. This year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the scavenger hunt will take the place of the usual parade and multicultural festival at Dee Stadium.

Questions or comments about the Parade of Nations scavenger hunt can be emailed to