Update on Employee COVID-19 Testing Program

by University Marketing and Communications

With the big testing tent set up, COVID-19 testing of new and returning students has received a lot of attention. Sarah Schulte, general counsel and secretary to the Board of Trustees and chair of the MTU Flex Task Force, said procedures for employee testing are being finalized. 

“Michigan Tech will pay for employees (20+ hours/week) to have up to two asymptomatic tests during the fall 2020 semester,” Schulte said. 

Employee testing will start after Aug. 29, when student baseline testing is complete.  

When employee testing is ready to begin, employees will be notified. At that time, those employees who work fewer than 20 hours per week, but whose work puts them in regular, direct contact with the public or students, should contact Human Resources if they are interested in being tested. This does not include student-employees, who will be part of the University’s ongoing student surveillance testing.

Schulte said the asymptomatic testing program is distinct from testing for symptomatic individuals or individuals who have been in close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 — those tests are always available and are covered by insurance.