Day: September 11, 2020

Changes Made to COVID-19 Testing Statistics Site

by MTU Flex Team

As part of the ongoing effort to provide the Michigan Tech community with the lastest COVID-19 testing data available, the Michigan Tech Flex Team has made changes to the Michigan Tech COVID-19 Testing Statistics webpage on the MTU Flex web site

The webpage contains testing information, including number of completed tests, the number of cases detected and the percentage of cases detected over the past 14 days. In addition, the dashboard contains the total number of completed tests and the total of cases detected since campus testing began in July.

The updated webpage breaks down the testing statistics into two separate categories —Surveillance Testing Statistics and Non-Surveillance Testing Statistics. 

Surveillance testing refers to testing on the population level, rather than on an individual level. Surveillance testing involves asymptomatic individuals and is used by health professionals to sample a certain percentage of a population to get a sense of whether COVID-19 infections are increasing or decreasing. Surveillance testing also lets health professionals know how well mitigation efforts, such as social distancing, are working. 

Surveillance testing numbers are taken from pooled testing results and are broken down into a seven-day moving total and daily testing statistics. Both charts list the number of completed tests during that time, the number of cases detected and the percentage detected.

Non-surveillance testing involves testing symptomatic individuals and those who are physician referred. It also includes those who self-report. Non-surveillance testing numbers, reported on a daily basis, include the number of completed tests on a given day, the number of cases detected and the percentage detected. Because non-surveillance testing involves individuals who are showing symptoms of COVID-19 or who have been referred by a doctor, the total number of completed tests is lower but the number and percentage of cases detected would be expected to be higher than with surveillance testing.

Sarah Schulte, general counsel and secretary to the Board of Trustees, said the revised webpage gives a clearer picture of COVID-19 testing at Michigan Tech.

“The Michigan Tech COVID-19 Testing Statistics webpage is now being updated daily Monday through Friday. The request for more frequent updates was made by employees and students, and we are pleased to be able to fulfill that request. In addition to cumulative data and data for the previous 14 days, the dashboard now displays the 7-day moving average for surveillance testing. It also lists daily testing data for both surveillance testing and non-surveillance testing.”

The statistics reported on the MTU Flex site reflect Michigan Tech testing only, for additional countywide resources, statistics and alerts visit the Western Upper Peninsula Health Department.