Be Smart. Do Your Part: Office Cleaning and Maintenance Guidance for Departments

by Administration

Because on-campus activity continues to be limited this semester, custodial services have been redistributed. Campus buildings are serviced on a rotating schedule using a team staffing approach. Custodial staff prioritizes public areas and open restrooms when they are in your building. They will not clean or check departmental areas and individual offices.

We need you to continue to do your part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure campus operations continue safely and efficiently. Here’s what we expect of employees – we appreciate your help:

  • Wipe and sanitize high-frequency touchpoints. Do this in personal offices, office suites, and departmentally controlled spaces.
  • Wipe shared equipment after each use. Other high-frequency touchpoints should be wiped at least twice a day.
  • Pay special attention to surfaces. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, desks, hard-back chairs, faucets, sinks, and other similar items.
  • Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands as needed, especially before and after cleaning. Departments can procure germicidal wipes and hand sanitizer pump dispensers through Chem Stores, but please note that supplies are limited. While we work to build up our inventory, we encourage you to continue to use any existing supplies that you currently have on hand. Chem Stores is currently open for pickup by appointment in order to reduce traffic. You can fill out their online form to request supplies. Please call 7-2049 or by email if you have any questions.
  • Bring your trash and recycling to the designated common area in your building. Food waste and containers, along with anything else that can collect bacteria and cause odor, must be removed every day. Please close your trash bag securely.

Please Note: Research Lab trash is to be taken directly to the dumpster by Research Lab personnel. Facilities will respond to work requests as allowed under any state executive order in effect and as resources permit.

If you have any questions or need assistance, call 906-487-2303, or place a work order. Thanks for your cooperation.