Day: March 15, 2021

Fall Plans

by Rick Koubek, President

I would like to take a moment to recognize and thank you for your shared commitment to the continued success of Michigan Tech. Together, we have made tremendous sacrifices in the way we work and live in response to the pandemic.

Over the past year, we have proven that we can create a healthy and safe on-campus experience for our students, faculty, and staff, and that we can adapt in response to rapidly changing environments. We have also learned that technology alone cannot replace the experiential learning that happens in classrooms, labs, residence halls, and beyond. This, coupled with the promising news of a nationwide COVID-19 vaccine program, gives us the impetus to resume normal operations once those in our campus community become eligible for vaccination. 

Accordingly, Michigan Tech plans to host in-person classes and extracurricular activities this fall. However, we realize that faculty may choose to continue delivering components of their courses through the creative use of technology, particularly if it results in better educational outcomes. 

We’ve also grown accustomed to working remotely, so I can appreciate that this transition requires yet another adjustment. Over the coming months, University leadership will explore updates to our remote work policy. In the meantime, I encourage us all to exercise flexibility and understanding as we return to campus to fulfill our job duties once the work from home emergency order expires. 

As we continue to emphasize, the health and safety of our campus remains top priority. Therefore, we will continue to offer on-demand COVID-19 testing and follow the guidelines outlined in our MTU Flex plan for the remainder of the spring semester. 

Thank you again for all you do for our students, our campus, and our community.