Month: November 2017

Vital signs—Powering heart monitors with motion artifacts

More than 90 percent of US medical expenditures are spent on caring for patients who cope with chronic diseases. Some patients with congestive heart failure, for example, wear heart monitors 24/7 amid their daily activities.

Michigan Tech researcher Ye Sarah Sun develops new human interfaces for heart monitoring. “There’s been a real trade-off between comfort and signal accuracy, which can interfere with patient care and outcomes,” she says. Sun’s goal is to provide a reliable, personalized heart monitoring system that won’t disturb a patient’s life. “Patients need seamless monitoring while at home, and also while driving or at work,” she says.

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Biomedical startup aims to change post-op care

Jeff Millin, a seasoned entrepreneur who took his last startup to $100 million in revenue and a successful exit for his venture-capital investors, knew a good thing when he saw it three years ago.

The good thing? What would soon become FM Wound Care LLC, a spinoff from Michigan Technological University. Founded by Megan Frost, an associate professor in biomedical engineering, the company has created nitric-oxide-infused bandages and wound dressings to greatly reduce the risk of infection, especially in patients post-surgery. …

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