Friday December 8th – Day 2 of Field Work

Good evening from New Zealand!

It is almost bed time here, I am still thinking in Michigan time, so it is 4:00 a.m. back home.

This morning started off just as yesterday did, breakfast and then jump in the van and headed out to hunt down some samples. It was very windy this morning, and a bit overcast. We spent much of the morning searching for the right outcrop of rocks. Many were inaccessible or covered in vegetation. We were looking for a site of the Mangaone group eruption to collect samples from. The groups are collecting pumice to bring back to their labs and analyze.

These are some of the samples we collected. I was even lucky enough to get in on the action and was pretending to be a geologist today! Super fun! The scientists make sure they label their sample bags and get a GPS location written down. They are all taking notes in their Geology field notebooks making detailed observations.  We collected samples at another site before heading back to home base.
Dr. Adam Kent collecting samples
Dr. Kari Cooper taking initial observations of the samples of pumice
Graduate student Tyler labeling a collection bag.

When we got home we went for a little dip in the Pacific Ocean. It was salty, but glorious! There are these clear jellyfish that are washed up and in the water. They seriously look like chunks of clear jell-o. They don’t seem to be able to sting though, so that is good. I will try and get some more pictures of the jellyfish and ocean tomorrow.

-Mrs. Moi

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