Archives—December 2009

Ray Smith Searches for Mines in His Golden Years

Former Michigan Tech President Ray Smith is featured in a story in Arizona’s Green Valley News and Sun.

The story chronicles how Smith and three other men locate old hazardous mining sites in 10,000 square miles of south-central Arizona. They pinpoint the location, record data on the environment and wildlife, and erect safety signs.

Smith says the members of the group, called the Hazardous Abandoned Mine Finder, share a “love for the desert and the never-ending quest for minerals.” Smith, who is 93, was president from 1965-79. He had written a story about HAMF in the August issue of the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society.

NASA features Simon Carn

NASA features Simon Carn in an article about gases from the eruption of Chaitén Volcano in Chile: “Volcanic eruptions are a sort of atmospheric chemistry experiment; they stick a large amount of gas into the atmosphere quickly,” he said. Scientists do not know with certainty what will result from such an experiment. They have learned that over time, the gases may transform into tiny droplets or particles called aerosols. Read more