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11 Great Things

Students stand in front of the Immersive Visualization Studio

Your gifts don’t just go into a bank account. They turn into real, tangible things to help Michigan Tech students, faculty, and staff. A larger-than-life data analysis and virtual environment studio. Instruments for the pep band. Here are 11 Great Things that your support has made happen.

You Did It!

“Nobody I spoke with said no, I don’t want to help,” he said. “I was so proud of my fellow alumni and the way they stepped up to the plate to support their university.”

Celebrating the close of the Generations of Discovery campaign with former Intel executive and campaign chair Dave House ’65. Read more >>

Mission: Improbable

Three of the principals for the Generations of Discovery campaign
“Through this campaign, so many people have come to see Michigan Tech as a place of consequence,” says Vice President for Advancement Shea McGrew, left, during a conversation with Tech Fund Chair George Butvilas, center, and President Glenn Mroz.

There were some arched eyebrows when Michigan Tech announced the goal for Generations of Discovery: The Campaign for Michigan Tech, back in 2006.

We asked three of the principals what it was like trying to raise $200 million. President Glenn Mroz, Vice President for Advancement Shea McGrew, and George Butvilas, who chairs the Michigan Tech Fund Board of Trustees, agreed to talk with us. Read the interview.