Scott Diehl Gives Back to Michigan Tech Through Gifts of Stock

“I want to see Michigan Tech continue to grow and to be successful,” Diehl says. “Tech is also a major contributor to economic and cultural vitality in the Copper Country. As a proud Yooper, I want to see that continue.”

Diehl is a software engineer at Google at the company’s Madison office, where he leads and manages a team that develops tools and infrastructure. Tech helped him with his career path because he took college courses during high school. He also worked in a lab for two summers focusing on remote sensing research in the Great Lakes.

“It was a privilege to have access to those experiences before heading off to college.”

With his gift of stock, Diehl supports the computer science department, which gave him some of these experiences.

Jimmy Diehl, professor emeritus, and Suzanne Beske-Diehl, professor emerita, are Scott’s parents and were both faculty in the geological and mining engineering and sciences department. Scott also supports this department with his gift.

His gift also provides funding for Little Huskies child care center. “My mom worked hard to get Little Huskies built. It’s important for Tech to support their employees and students with children, or those who would like to have them. Let’s do our best to foster the development of the next generation.”

Diehl attended the University of Michigan and received a bachelor’s and master’s in computer science. He earned his PhD at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in theoretical computer science.