Supporting the Great Lakes Research Center: Alan ’73 ’79 and Linda ’79 McInally

Alan and Linda McInally help Michigan Tech by supporting the Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC).

Alan and Linda McInally

“We loved our time at Tech,” Linda says. “We both felt our education at Tech was a huge contributing factor to our professional success. Giving back is our way to help ensure Tech is going to be there for future generations of students with interests like ours.”

Linda received a bachelor’s in chemical engineering in 1979. Alan earned his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering in 1973 and his master’s in mathematics in 1979.

When the couple learned of Tech’s plans to build the GLRC, they supported the building fund. During a visit to the new center, Alan and Linda shared they were having a problem with an invasive weed, Eurasian Watermilfoil, near their summer home on the Les Cheneaux Islands in Lake Huron.

That discussion led to a collaboration with GLRC researchers and a Lake Huron watershed council to study the weed and work on solutions.

“This was a great project and opportunity to utilize the extensive resources available at Tech to help solve a ‘real world’ problem near our home,” Linda says. Researchers continue to study this area and are working to eliminate the weed.

Since moving to the West (where it is very dry), Linda says they now understand and appreciate protecting and preserving the Great Lakes.

“Giving to the GLRC makes me feel like I am helping to protect these great waters for future generations,” she says. “The GLRC is the perfect place to study, using unbiased scientific methods, the potential impact of these manmade and natural forces and offer guidance to the public, lawmakers, and the private sector as to what needs to be done to protect these beautiful waters and the land that surrounds them.”

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