Getting ready to graduate:

1.  Meet degree requirements: Ensure you are meeting all degree requirements for your audit year. This is your responsibility.  Use your DARS report and see the academic advisor for help with planning. If petitions are needed to adjust your Degree Audit in DARS, see the academic advisor to get those complete.  Petitions are usually needed with curriculum changes and allowed substitutions.

2. Application(s): Make sure the Records System has your “expected graduation date” correct, by completing the Application for graduation on the Registrar’s Website/Degree Services Office: (can be done very early and can be done more than once as things change) Complete a separate Application for a certificate you are pursuing. The final submission of your Application for your degree (and another for certificate if applicable) is due by the end of the semester before your graduation semester.

3. Degree Audit:  In the semster before your graduation semester, Complete a Degree Audit Form and final checkpoint with your academic advisor(s) for each Degree, Minor, Certificate. The best time to do this is after scheduling your last semester of classes, prior to the end of the semester. (mid/end of November, for Spring/Summer graduates) and (mid/end of April for December graduates)

All information about Graduation can be found on the Registrar’s website.