Transfer credits from elsewhere

Transfer Credits: If you want to take classes elsewhere and transfer them to Michigan Tech, use the online Transfer Equivalency system to look up classes.

  • Choose courses that will transfer to an equivalent course at Michigan Tech that are required for your degree.
  • To access list of courses already approved for transfer use the Michigan Tech Transfer Equivalency System.
  • If the course you want or need is NOT on the Transfer Credit Equivalency list, you can request to have it evaluated for transfer credit by sending this information to the Michigan Tech Transfer Services Office, Admin Bldg 110, for each course:  (or email,  or call 487-3323)
  • University or college name
  • Course ID and title
  • Syllabus
  • Textbook(s) used (usually on the syllabus)
  • Detailed Description (usually on the syllabus)
  • If all this information is available online, you can send the exact link to  A short catalog description is not enough information to evaluate for Michigan Tech credit. You must provide a syllabus.
  • Enroll in courses; earn good grades. Grades must be C or better to be accepted at Michigan Tech. If the course(s) are pre-requisites to classes you need to register for next semester, have a copy of your transcript from the transfer college sent to Michigan Tech, so that our system knows the courses you plan to transfer.