Waiver Forms

Print  “waiver forms” from the Registrar’s Office website.
Special Approval/Restriction Waiver is most common.

If you get an error, check the course pre-reqs/co-reqs/restrictions in the course descriptions listing. You can quickly get to the course description by clicking the CRN in the Schedule of Classes.
To obtain approval:

  1. Print a waiver form.
  2. Complete your form and obtain signature approval from the Course instructor or department advisor.
  3. Bring completed, signed waivers to the Student Services Center – Admin Bldg

Enterprise: Instructor approval required for most enterprises, every semester. Bring waiver form to the enterprise faculty advisor or pick up waiver from your enterprise advisor. Take signed form to Student Services Center (Admin Bldg).

Class Restriction on a UN course? Class restrictions for the UN courses will be removed after the sophomores and freshmen have scheduled – near the end of the 2nd week of the initial registration period.

Full Class? Go to department that offers the class for permission to enroll in a filled-section.  First-year students use Orange form. Others use Green Filled section form available in Advising Offices. ENG courses: Go to Dillman 112, the Fundamentals of Engineering Department.

Waivers for non-GMES courses need to be signed by the department advisor or instructor for that course. Bring signed wiavers to the Student Services Center.

  • ENG or Cohort – Dillman 112 Cathy Forsman
  • CH – Chem Sci 607D /206A Lois Blau /Denise Laux (CH1000, CH1150, CH1151, CH1153)
  • CS – Rekhi 221 Allyson Jabusch or Donna Poplawski
  • MA – Fisher 205A Beth Reed, First-Year Math placement – Ann Humes Fisher 205B
  • EE – MEEM 204A, 205A Ryan Towles, Danise Jarvey
  • PH – Fisher 221 Mike Meyer
  • PE – SDC 231 Terry Anderson
  • UN – Class Restriction – see Helene Hiner, Library 229 or Student Services.

Types of waivers and who you go to request approval:

  • Full Section (get approval signature from department offering the course)
  • Pre-requisite missing (get approval signature from instructor)
  • Instructor / special permission / Restriction (required to enroll in enterprise) (approval from instructor)
  • Credit Overload Permission form (approval signature from your academic advisor)
  • Time Conflict/Exam Conflict (approval from all instructors)