Using The Verification of Final Degree Requirements Form

Welcome back to the Graduate School blog. Our quest to reduce student errors on forms continues! This post is for students enrolled in a coursework only program. If you’re doing a research based degree (dissertation, thesis, or report), this form is not required for you.

Where Do I Find The Form?

The Verification of Final Degree Requirements Form can be found on our Forms and Deadlines page under the Current Students section or by following this link or on your MyMichiganTech page. Please note that the Verification of Final Degree Requirements Form, like all of our forms, is dynamic. As a dynamic form, it will only work in Adobe Acrobat or Reader.  If the hyperlink above doesn’t open the PDF as expected, we recommend right clicking on the link, selecting “Save link as…” (or similar option in your browser) and saving the file.  After you have saved the file, open Adobe Acrobat or Reader and open the saved form.

Now that you know where to find this form and how open it, let’s talk about filling it out.

Providing Personal Information

To start this form off you will need to fill in your personal information. This includes your name and M Number. If you do not know your M number, fret not, you can always find it on MyMichiganTech.

Providing your Last Name, First Name, and M Number allows us to keep accurate records of your progress towards your degree.

Entering Degree Information

Next you need to choose our degree type.  Please find your degree type below and following the directions accordingly.

Masters of Business Administration

If you are in MBA program you have it easy. Simply choose MBA from the list and proceed to naming your advisor. If you have multiple advisors please choose “Yes” to having a Co-Advisor and the extra line will appear. Once this is filled in, the form can be saved, printed, and submitted to the Graduate School.

The MBA degree only has a coursework option. Therefore after choosing the degree type you can proceed to entering your advisor information.

Master of Forestry and Master of Geographic Information Science Degrees

For MFor or MGIS students, you will see a warning pop up after selecting your degree type. Click OK on this box and note that you will have to name your committee as well as advisor. You will also be asked to specify if you have completed an Oral Defense or a Written Exam. Choosing one of these options will bring up boxes for information about the date and/or title of your defense/exam. Please fill in the information about your defense or exam and proceed to the next step.

Degree Type Warning
When selecting Master of Forestry as a degree type, click “OK” to proceed.

Master of Engineering

If you selected Master of Engineering as your degree type a box will appear to “Select Graduate Program.” In this box, use the drop down arrow to select non-departmental. Next you will answer whether or not you defended a practicum. If “Yes” fill in the Title and Examination Date below. If “No” fill in your advisor and graduation information and proceed to the “Adding Committee Members” section of this blog post.

Master of Engineering students should provide details about their program, practicum, and advisor before continuing.

Master of  Science Degrees

Once you have chosen MS as your degree type, you will be prompted to choose between Coursework (with defense) or Coursework (no defense). Both options will then ask you to select your Graduate Program from the dropdown menu.

Grad Program Dropdown
Master of Science students will need to specify if they held a defense and may choose their program from the dropdown list.

After you have selected your Graduate Program, simply fill in the information about your advisor(s). If you have multiple advisors please choose “Yes” to having a Co-Advisor and the extra line will appear. If you had a defense with your coursework degree, you will need to select the type (oral or written) and include the title and date of your defense. After you have filled this in, proceed to the “Adding Committee Members” section of this post.

MS CoAdvisor
Master of Science students should then provide information about their Advisor(s) and when they will graduate.

Adding Committee Members

For coursework degrees with a defense or practicum, you will need to name your committee who oversaw either your Oral Defense or your Written Exam. The form automatically provides the appropriate number of spaces for the required committee members (the boxes are outlined in red in the screen shot below).  If you need extra boxes, simply click on the gray box that says “Add Additional Committee Members.” Once your committee has been entered, you can save, print, obtain the required signatures, and submit the form to the Graduate School. The form may be sent via campus mail to Administration Building, 4th Floor or you may drop it off in our office (Admin. 414).

Add Committee
All students should name their committee members on the form prior to saving and submission.

Thanks for reading this blog post on using the Verification of Final Degree Requirements form. Please stay tuned for more posts. As always, feel free to email us with any questions, comments, or concerns at and we will do our best to assist you.

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