Day: October 2, 2017

Using Approval of a Dissertation, Thesis or Report Form

The Approval form indicates to the Graduate School that your technical corrections are complete, and your dissertation is ready for formatting review by the Graduate School. It also defines the access (open or campus) and embargo options for your dissertation. Your dissertation must be completely submitted by the deadline for the semester in order to complete your degree in that semester.

Where Do I Find the Form?

The Approval of a Dissertation, Thesis, or Report form can be found on the Forms and Deadlines page or by clicking here here.

Please note that this form, like many of our forms, is dynamic. As a dynamic form, it will only work in Adobe Acrobat or Reader.  If the hyperlink above doesn’t open the PDF as expected, we recommend right clicking on the link, selecting “Save link as…” (or similar option in your browser) and saving the file.  If you are still having trouble opening the form, check out this link which offers some more troubleshooting options. After you have saved the file, open Adobe Acrobat or Reader and open the saved form.

Now that you know where to find this form and where we can open it, let’s talk about filling it out.

Submission Instructions

The first section of the form consists of the Dissertation, Thesis and Report submission steps and instructions (click on the button that matches your document type to reveal the instructions). Please read the instructions carefully before filling out the form.

Steps to follow and Instructions for submission of form.
Steps to follow and Instructions for submission of form.