Degree completion timeline on MyMichiganTech

Graduate students can now see a personalized list of items they need to complete for each graduate degree on MyMichiganTech. A full description of items needed to complete each degree along with details about when, how, and why to complete them is found on the Graduate School’s web site.

Students can access their personalized list by:

  1. Logging into MyMichiganTech using their Michigan Tech ID and password
    • For example, if your email is, you would log in with “blizzard” as your ID along with the same password used to check email
  2. Clicking on the “Current Students” link in the menu bar across the top of the page
    • The “Student Checklist” box in the left column will show items that are due now or recently completed
    • More help on accessing MyMichiganTech is found in our previous tutorial

For detailed information about the degrees you are seeking, look for the “Degree Completion Timeline” section in the center “My Status” column:

Screen shot of the Current Students section of MyMichiganTech that links to the Degree Completion Timeline.
The Degree completion timeline section in the My Status area.
  • The question mark icon will display a pop-up window with helpful information and links
  • If links to any of the forms aren’t working, the helpful link will direct you to technical information
  • Click on the “your degree completion timeline” link to display a new window described in the screenshots below
  • The “timeline details” link will take you to more information on the Graduate School’s web site

At the top of every degree completion timeline are requirements for all graduate students. Some of these requirements are based on when a student started a degree, so not all students will have the same requirements appearing.  If a requirement is complete, the item will display a green check and the date completed on the far right (not shown). Links will take students to the form, or more information about that requirement on the Graduate School’s web page.

Screen shot of MyMichiganTech and the Degree Completion Timeline.  This image shows the items that are not specific to a degree type.
Items required for this graduate student to complete that are not specific to a degree.

Each degree that is sought, awarded, or dropped will appear along with a list of all the items required to complete that particular degree. If a committee or advisor has been appointed, that information will appear on the timeline. The expected graduation term can be altered by clicking on the dropdown menu and then clicking the button, “Click to Save Changes.”

Screen shot of MyMichiganTech and the degree completion timeline page with degree requirements.
Items needed to complete a doctoral degree.

Click on the arrow next to the degree name to expand or contract the listing.

If a degree requires a dissertation, thesis, or report, a separate section detailing the items necessary to complete the defense and written document. For more information about this portion of the timeline see our tutorial.

Items needed to complete a dissertation and defense.

If you have any questions about MyMichiganTech, please send them to