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Employment Opportunity with the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) Graduate Program provides unique hands-on experience to prepare exceptional graduate students to become next-generation leaders in domestic and global nuclear security. During the 12-month, full-time, salary-plus-benefits terms, Fellows work alongside NNSA experts in Washington, D.C. or other NNSA site locations.  Fellows receive specialized training and opportunities for career development and professional networking, while also directly supporting NNSA’s global nuclear security mission in placements that align with their backgrounds and interests.

Applicants must be U.S. citizens eligible for a high-level security clearance, who are accepted into, enrolled in, or will be graduating from a master’s or Ph.D. program during the year of application. Desirable academic specializations include international relations, security or nonproliferation studies, political science, public administration, and economics.  Some positions may also benefit from backgrounds in safety and health, infrastructure and operations management, or finance/accounting.  A combined policy and technical background is highly desirable, and a foreign language is a plus.  Applications typically are accepted beginning in early August through October 21st. Fellowship terms begin the following summer. Visit to learn more and apply.

Travel Grant Recipients for Summer 2013 Announced

The travel grants for summer 2013 have been awarded. Travel grants are awards that help subsidize the cost of attending and presenting at conferences [sponsored by the Graduate Student Government and Graduate School], for more information of travel grants please check out the website.

The file includes the full list of winners and the statistics. Please note that there are still 10 students that would receive travel grants once their advisor confirms the eligibility. If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Student Government Treasurer, Jenn Winikus ( Congratulations to all graduate students receiving travel grants.

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Women in STEM

“Colleges Work to Retain Women in STEM Majors,” a US News article that appeared online July 1, includes an interview with Kaitlyn Bunker, a PhD student in electrical engineering. As an undergraduate, she lived in an all-female residence hall, giving her contact with other women that she was missing in her engineering classes. Read the full story at US News.

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Superior: Best Known Practices Tuesday

Information Technology Services will be offering an hour-long training session–11 a.m., Tuesday, July 16, in EERC B45, to help researchers, faculty, post doctoral fellows, graduate and undergraduate students–get the best out of Superior, Michigan Tech’s newest high-performance computing cluster.

Owing to limited seating, RSVP (to is required. A listing of subsequent training sessions is available online.

Little Huskies Scholarship Available

Little Huskies Child Development Center has scholarships available to preschool age families through the Access to High Quality Early Childhood Education Scholarship Fund.

The purpose of the scholarship fund is to remove financial roadblocks so as to allow Michigan Tech’s most needy families access to high-quality early childhood education at Michigan Tech’s Little Huskies Child Development Center. The focus demographics are undergraduate, graduate, and low-income employee families. Their success at Michigan Tech is a guiding principle. Please go to for more information and an application.

A completed application and all required materials must be submitted and received no later than August 1, 2013 for the 2013-2014 academic year. Materials may be sent electronically to or mailed to: Eva-Marie Hatfield, Little Huskies Child Development Center, 500 MacInnes Drive, Houghton, MI 49913.

Michigan Tech Signs Green Chemistry Commitment

Michigan Tech is one of 12 universities across the nation that are the initial signers of the Green Chemistry Commitment (, making them part of the first national effort to make university chemistry education greener. The Green Chemistry Commitment (GCC) is a consortium of universities and industry partners that is bringing green chemistry into undergraduate curriculum to increase the number of green chemists and scientists in the US and the opportunities available to them in the field.

The Green Chemistry Commitment is organized by Beyond Benign (, a non profit foundation dedicated to providing future and current scientists, educators, and citizens with the tools to teach and learn about green chemistry in order to create a sustainable future. Beyond Benign and the Green Chemistry Commitment will be presenting a session at the 17th Annual Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference this month, sponsored by the American Chemical Society’s Green Chemistry Institute.

As an academic and industrial field, green chemistry encourages chemists and scientists to develop safer, non toxic, renewable chemistry and materials. Supporting green chemistry education gives chemical companies a competitive advantage by:

  • Providing a quicker time to market by reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing.
  • Reducing worker injury by minimizing exposure to toxic chemicals, processes, and waste.
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity of new employees who are better prepared after graduating from academic programs.

“When we modify our teaching labs by substituting drugstore-variety hydrogen peroxide and other greatly reduced toxicity chemicals instead of hazardous solvents and suspected cancer-causing agents, we show the principles of green chemistry in action,” says Irv Levy, chemistry department chair at Gordon College. “Students learn the same concepts and principles of chemistry they need, but they also learn how to achieve results in a way that’s safer for them, the community, and the environment. It’s just the right thing to do.”

By signing the Green Chemistry Commitment, colleges and universities agree that, upon graduation, all chemistry majors will have proficiency in the essential green chemistry competencies of theory, toxicology, lab skills, and practical application. using resources and courses of other departments or institutions.

More information about the Green Chemistry Commitment, including information about becoming a signer, can be found at

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Business Insider Gives Tech High Marks for Graduate Earning Potential

More than ever, students choosing where to go to school review the future earning potential of a university’s graduates. But the well-known US News & World Report ranking of colleges and universities doesn’t give that factor much weight.

They should, says Business Insider, a business website that analyzes financial, media, technology and other industries. So Business Insider combined the US News & World Report rankings of best universities and the college salary report to develop rankings that reflect both reputation and the salaries earned by graduates. Analyzing several hundred universities and colleges, Business Insider developed two lists of colleges and universities: “underrated” and “overrated.”

The website termed schools with a lower US News college ranking and higher salary ranking “underrated.” These are schools whose graduates rank high on salaries earned but aren’t given due credit in the US News ranking.

Michigan Tech made Business Insider’s list of the top 25 “underrated” schools, coming in at 22.

Business Insider termed schools with a high US News ranking and low salary ranking as “overrated.” These are schools that show up very well in the Best Colleges ranking, but their graduates earn lower salaries than might be expected from their US News ranking.

“We found that most of the underrated schools were engineering and technology schools with relatively low US News rankings but outstanding salary performance,” Business Insider notes on its web site.

For the full story, see Business Insider.

Article written by Jenn Donovan, Public Relations Director, and published in Tech Today.

Athletics and Recreation Department Designer – Graduate Assistant

The Athletics and Recreation Department has an open Graduate Assistant position for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Title: Graphic Designer, Videographer, Web Designer
Reports to: Associate Athletic Director – External Relations
Appointment: Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters
Compensation: Graduate degree tuition (18 credits per year) plus room and board stipend

■ General graphic design of logos, posters, table tents, booklets, publications, brochures, credentials, web ads, and promotional items for departmental programs, initiatives, and services.
■ Create overall theme, look, and feel of publications and promotions.
■ Maintain and update all departmental and program specific websites inside the content management system.
■ Create exciting video projects to help communicate to our students, faculty, and staff by working through the entire video process.
■ Photograph events and requested University photos for use in publications.
■ Ensure adherence to the University Identity Standards.
■ Other duties as assigned.

■ Attention to detail and strong organizational skills.
■ Creativity, initiative, motivation, integrity, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn.
■ Effective written and oral communication skills, problem solving abilities, and decision-making skills.
■ Ability to multi-task and manage multiple projects with overlapping deadlines.
■ Ability to represent department and Michigan Tech in a professional manner.
■ Willingness to work some evening and weekend hours as needed.
■ Must be enrolled as a graduate student for the academic year.
■ Must maintain good academic standing as a student in a graduate program.
■ Must be free of any disciplinary sanctions imposed through Student Conduct Services at time of appointment and remain free while employed.

Additional Desired Qualifications:
■ Working knowledge of design software, including the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign)
■ Demonstrated experience with content management systems.
■ Demonstrated experience in graphic design of posters, brochures, and websites.
■ Demonstrated experience in video projects and production.
■ The desire to create publications that are meaningful to students and other audiences.
■ Is willing to go above and beyond the minimum requirements.
■ Ability to work well on a team and also individually with little supervision.
■ Demonstrates flexibility and the ability to take initiative.

Please contact Joel Isaacson, Associate Athletic Director – External Relations, for more information.

Two Tech Teams Chosen for Clean Energy Challenge

Two teams from Michigan Tech have been chosen to join in the Michigan Clean Energy Venture Challenge. Twenty-seven teams were chosen from 71 teams that applied from across the state. Through the challenge, teams will learn the skills needed to start a successful company, through classroom and hands-on learning. The teams will also meet regularly with their on-campus mentors and venture capitalists and have access to a micro-grant program offering up to $2,500 for each team to move their business forward.

The Tech teams are GreenedIt!, a web-based application for energy auditing, and Aquaponics, for healthy, local food in urban communities.

GreenedIt! team members are physics students Travis Beaulieu, an undergraduate, and graduate student Abhilash Kantamneni. The team traveled to East Lansing for their initial training this past weekend. “The training we received through the challenge was incredibly useful,” said Beaulieu. “The whole point was to try and get young entrepreneurs into the mindset of finding a customer need and forming the idea around the customer’s feedback. Thankfully this training worked for our team, and we had a complete pivot during the weekend.”

The other team, Aquaponics, features indoor farming using water instead of soil, with a fish tank providing nutrients to plants. Team members include Robert Handler, post-doctoral environmental engineer in the Sustainable Futures Institute; Josh Krugh, economics undergraduate; and Jacob Bray, chemical engineering undergraduate. “Aquaponics is a combination of aquaculture and hydroponics,” Handler said. “And we want to examine the potential for this type of agriculture to expand as a business opportunity in urban communities throughout the state.”

On the final day of the venture challenge, all participating teams will present their results, and a few teams will be awarded additional prizes and investments totaling $50,000 or more. The six-month challenge is run by the University of Michigan Center for Entrepreneurship.

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Center for Diversity and Inclusion Hosts Social Justice Lecture Series

Waziyatawin, a Dakota teacher, author and activist, will present two seminars at Michigan Tech today, part of a Social Justice Lecture Series. The speaker holds the Indigenous Peoples Research Chair in the Indigenous Governance Program at Victoria University in British Columbia, Canada.

Her free seminars will be:

  • Activism with People of Color, 4 to 5 p.m., Memorial Union Ballroom B1
  • What Does Justice Look Like? The Struggle for Liberation in Dakota Homeland, 7 to 8:15 p.m., Memorial Union Ballroom B1

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