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MTRI: Harmful Algal Bloom Mapping, Water Quality, and Public Health

Satellite image of Saginaw Bay, MI, July 11, 2013
Satellite image of Saginaw Bay, MI, July 11, 2013

It’s been a cloudy summer so far, but the MODIS sensor finally got a good look at the Great Lakes on July 11, 2013.   Harmful Algal Bloom mapping has been developed by Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI) and NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab (GLERL).  To see the latest Algal and Water Quality maps, follow this link please:HAB Maps

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Public Learns how Scientists Assess the Health of the Great Lakes Aboard Research Vessel Agassiz

The public was invited to see first-hand how scientists assess the health of Lake Superior, during free half-hour rides on Michigan Tech’s research vessel Agassiz during the Copper Country Strawberry Festival in Chassell. RV Agassis crew Marcel Dijkstra and Stephen Roblee put in a long day as chief scientist and boat captain, respectively, conducting NINE 30-minutes science excursions serving 160 people of all ages! Jamey Anderson also put in a long day as ROV coordinator.