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New Satellite Maps Track Harmful Algal Blooms in Great Lakes

Satellites orbit our lives in so many ways. They beam our favorite TV shows to our living rooms, predict tomorrow’s weather, and tell us how to get where we want to go. Now scientists from the Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI) are using satellite data to determine where harmful algal blooms (HABs) are proliferating in the Great Lakes and what threats they may pose to water quality and public health.


IVER 3 Maiden Voyage – Sept 10, 2013

IVER 3, Michigan Tech’s new Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)  arrived at the GLRC on Saturday, September 7.  It’s first debut into the Keweenaw waterway is happening today (Sept 10).

The IVER 3 was manufactured by Ocean Server Technology, Inc. in Fall River, MA, and   represents a new generation of far more advanced and capable AUV’s for underwater exploration and research.  Once  a mission is programmed, the AUV executes that mission ( 8 – 12 hours in duration) with no human intervention. Continue reading

Norm Yan Presents Seminars about Environmental Stress on Lakes

Norm Yan of York University, Ontario, Canada is visiting Michigan Tech, presenting seminars and working on collaborations. On Monday September 9th , he presented “Regulators of recovery of acid and metal-contaminated lakes in Sudbury, Canada” for the Environmental Engineering Seminar Series. He also will present another seminar, 2:00pm Friday, September 13 in Dow 642 entitled “The widespread threat of calcium decline in Canadian Shield lakes.” Continue reading

Antibiotic Contamination in Aquatic Sources Paper Earns Award

Aparupa Sengupta, a PhD student in biological sciences, took third place for her oral presentation “Using a Biological Remediation System to Address Antibiotic Contamination in Aquatic Sources” at the International Conference on Medical Geology Annual Meeting 2013, held Aug. 25-29 in Arlington, Va. She was selected from among 30-35 student presenters from around the world. Sengupta received a certificate, a book and $100 prize. Her coauthors were Adjunct Professor Dibyendu Sarkar and her advisors, Professor Emerita Susan Bagley and Associate Professor Rupali Datta (Bio Sci).

UMD Glider Missions in Lake Superior, Summer 2013

Slocum Glider visits GLRC from University of Minnesota-Duluth

The Slocum Glider, owned by the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD), was brought to the GLRC by Dr. Jay Austin for extended times to follow the Ranger III route across Lake Superior from the North entry to Isle Royale. A 13-day mission resulted in 2 round trips to Isle Royale where the glider gathered profile data of the water from the surface to the lake bottom.  A second 5-day mission was a single round trip across the same route.  The data gathered by the glider will complement data gathered by instrumentation on the Ranger III on every trip it makes to Isle Royale.

The glider is programmed to move vertically as well as horizontally in the water to collect profile data. When the glider periodically surfaced, it transmitted data back to the operations computer, so researchers could monitor its progress. At the end of each mission, the glider surfaced and transmitted its current location coordinates to the pick-up crew on the S/V Polar for retrieval.  This is the beginning of a great collaboration between the GLRC and the Large Lakes Observatory at UM-D.

Record Number of days at sea with the R/V Agassiz, Summer-Fall 2013

The R/V Agassiz has had a record number of launch days scheduled for summer and fall 2013.  Over 70 days have been scheduled out on the water for research, outreach, and course lab work. Researchers include Drs. Mouw, Fahnenstiel, Kerfoot, and Urban. Outreach activities include community and K-12 class tours and the GM Ride the Waves program with Joan Chadde, Rob Handler, and Dr. M. Auer. Drs. Urban, Marcarelli, and Rose have scheduled the R/V Agassiz for lab courses and field trips.

See Photos and Videos at “Ride the Waves with GM” and Public Learns how Scientists Assess the Health of the Great Lakes

More Photos: Teachers on RV Agassiz

State of Michigan Visitors to the GLRC

August 28, 2013: Visits by Michigan State Representatives

Scott Dianda (110th House Representative) and Sam Singh (69th House Representative) visited the GLRC and toured the facilities with Dale Tahtinen, Glen Mroz, and Michael Abbott.

August 29, 2013: Visits by Michigan Governmental Agencies

Officials from MDOT, Kirk T. Steudle and MI-DNR, Keith Creagh, the State Budget Director John Nixon, the Governor’s Chief of Staff Dennis Muchmore, and the Governor’s Chief Strategist Bill Rustem visited the GLRC.  They toured the facilities, and met with Michigan Tech Administrators in sessions throughout the day.

Research on the USGS Research Vessel Sturgeon

June 23-30, 2013
The United States Geological Survey (USGS) visited the GLRC with the R/V Sturgeon for a week in June, giving Michigan Tech researchers the opportunity to conduct overnight sampling trips, and to explore the possibilities of extended boat time that has currently been restricted to single day excursions with the facilities on the R/V Agassiz. Nancy Auer was able to perform some night time research, and the R/V Sturgeon also assisted in some work on the instrumented buoys located near the North and South entries into Lake Superior. Continue reading