2015 Green Lecture Series presents:

image77071-scol2015 Green Lecture Series presents: Michigan Forest Biomaterials Initiative: Working to create a renewable and sustainable future

The Michigan Forest Biomaterials Initiative: Working to create a renewable and sustainable future
By Terry Sharik, Dean, and Mark Rudnicki, Professor of Practice, MTU School of Forest Resources & Environmental Science

Date & Time: Thursday, Oct. 1st, 7:00-8:30 pm
Location: G002 Hesterberg Hall, Forestry Building, Michigan Tech
Cost: FREE Enjoy coffee, tea & refreshments

About the Presentation:

image118416-scolA sustainable future will not be based on non-renewable resources. Wise production, use and recycling of forest biomaterials−any organic materials extracted from forest ecosystems, such as wood, mushrooms, edible berries, and tree sap−needs to be a fundamental part of the answer.
Find out how the statewide Michigan Forest Biomaterials Initiative (MiFBI) is working to enhance quality of life in Michigan by fostering sustainable forests, communities, and economies through innovative and responsible production, use, and recycling of forest biomaterials. The Michigan Forest Biomaterials Initiative, spearheaded by Michigan Tech in 2013, has become a statewide effort comprised of over 300 forest stakeholders from across industry, academia, NGOs, and government.
The Initiative’s challenge is how to extract these biomaterials from forest ecosystems without compromising the integrity of the forest; how to process these materials to fully utilize the resource; how to market these materials regionally, nationally, and globally; and how to recycle these materials back through ecosystems. Trees are one of our most treasured and useful renewable natural resources, providing wood for our homes, furniture, and paper, and tree chemicals to produce rayon cloth, food, medicine, rubber, and so much more.
The scope of this effort is ambitious and its success depends on collaboration among individuals from many different government agencies, municipalities, institutions, academic disciplines, organizations, businesses and industries across Michigan who have a stake in Michigan’s forest biomaterials.

ForestBiomaterials imageCosponsored by:
Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative
Michigan Tech Center for Water & Society
Keweenaw Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
Keweenaw Land Trust

Oct. 1 – Green Lecture: The Michigan Forest Biomaterials Initiative 

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