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World Water Day 2018: March 27-28

Michigan Tech will celebrate the 2018 World Water Day during the last week of March with events related to the United Nations theme, “Nature-based Solutions for Water.”  Dr. Greg Kleinheinz, Ph.D., R.A., Viessmann Chair of Sustainable Technology & Professor of Environmental Engineering Technology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, will be our guest speaker on Tuesday, March 27. Dr. Kleinheinz received his PhD at Michigan Tech in Biological Sciences, and has served as a past president of the Great Lakes Beach Association. His research interests include:

Dr. Greg Kleinheinz, R.S., Ph.D.

  • Industrial Treatment Technologies
  • Water and Wastewater Issues
  • Biological Treatment of Air Emissions
  • Construction Issues and Indoor Air Quality
  • Environmental Public Health
  • Microbial Indicators of Water Quality
  • Microbial Pathogens in Recreational/Drinking Waters

Graduate and Undergraduate students of all majors are encouraged to participate in the annual student poster session, which will be held March 27-28.

Cash prizes are awarded for 2 categories:  1) Original Research posters present thesis work related to any aspect of water, and 2) Coursework/Informational posters present literature-based research assigned as coursework, or of interest to the students.

A panel discussion about Nature-based Solutions for Water is planned for March 28, and additional World Water Day activities are in the planning stages.

World Water Day links:
Return to this news blog for a developing scheduled of World Water Day events
World Water Day Forms, Flyers, and Abstracts



Nature-based Solutions for Water resources:
International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)
Naturally Resilient Communities

World Water Day 2017

World Water Day 2017:  Wastewater

Michigan Tech GLRC celebration dates: March 20-23, 2017

Copper Country Today Radio Show focuses on World Water Day
Sunday, March 19 at

  • 7:00 am on 97.7 The Wolf, and
  • 8:00 am on 1400AM/99.3FM WCCY
  • 9:00 am on K-Bear 102.3

George_TchobanoglousLatika Gupta, Daisuke Minakata, and Joan Chadde join Rick Allen to discuss World Water Day events at Michigan Tech the week of March 20, and they also expand on the “Wastewater” theme of this year’s celebration.

Copper Country Today – March 19

Michigan Tech World Water Day News Release

Dr. George Tchobanoglous, professor emeritus from the University of California, Davis, has accepted our invitation to present the World Water Day Distinguished Lecture.  His areas of interest include wastewater treatment and solid waste management, and he has been the author or co-author of 23 textbooks and eight engineering reference books.

This year’s activities will include

  1. “Water’s Edge: Paintings by Danielle Clouse Gast” (GLRC, March 14 – April 30)
  2. Wastewater Footprint Display (MUB Commons Area, March 20-23)
  3. Student Poster Competition (Dow Lobby-Campus side, March 21-22)
  4. Dr. Tchobanoglous’ World Water Day Keynote Lecture (5:00 pm in Dow 641, March 21)
    “Planned Potable Reuse: The Last Frontier”
  5. Panel Discussion “Wastewater: Health, Energy, Ecosystems, and Sustainable Communities”  (10:00 am in GLRC 202, March 22)
    Moderator: Latika Gupta, School of Business and Economics, Michigan Tech

    1. George Tchobanoglous, UC-Davis
    2. Evelyn Ravindran, Keweenaw Bay Indian Community
    3. Neil Hutzler, Portage Lake Sewage Authority
  6. Dirty Water Competition (4:00 pm in the MUB Commons Area, March 22)
    Register your team of 3-4 people
  7. Green Film, “Last Call at the Oasis” (7:00 pm in Forestry G002, March 23)


The “Call for Posters” for the Student Poster Competition is out.  Download the Poster Registration form and return to Carol Asiala at by midnight on Monday, March 13, 2017.

wwd17-wastewater_8x11-flat-75newsblogStudents may enter “Original Research” posters based on their thesis work, or they may enter “Coursework/Informational” posters based on coursework or literature-based research. Additional points are earned for incorporating the World Water Day theme, Wastewater, in the Coursework/Informational posters.  Cash prizes are awarded in both categories.

Return to the Great Lakes Research Center News page for updates on World Water Day activities.

Sponsors include the Great Lakes Research Center, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences, Social Sciences, Sustainable Futures Institute, Ecosystem Science Center, Biological Sciences, Visual & Performing Arts, The Center for Science and Environmental Outreach.

After-School: “Totally Technology” Classes at GLRC

Michigan Tech’s Western UP Center for Science, Math and Environmental Education is inviting children in grades 4-8 to participate in 6 weeks of “Totally Technology” after school sessions.

Classes for grades 4-5 will be on Mondays, starting Jan. 27 through March 3. Classes for grades 6-8 will be on Thursdays, starting Jan. 30 through March 6. Classes will focus on the following activities: Continue reading

IVER 3 Maiden Voyage – Sept 10, 2013

IVER 3, Michigan Tech’s new Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV)  arrived at the GLRC on Saturday, September 7.  It’s first debut into the Keweenaw waterway is happening today (Sept 10).

The IVER 3 was manufactured by Ocean Server Technology, Inc. in Fall River, MA, and   represents a new generation of far more advanced and capable AUV’s for underwater exploration and research.  Once  a mission is programmed, the AUV executes that mission ( 8 – 12 hours in duration) with no human intervention. Continue reading

UMD Glider Missions in Lake Superior, Summer 2013

Slocum Glider visits GLRC from University of Minnesota-Duluth

The Slocum Glider, owned by the University of Minnesota-Duluth (UMD), was brought to the GLRC by Dr. Jay Austin for extended times to follow the Ranger III route across Lake Superior from the North entry to Isle Royale. A 13-day mission resulted in 2 round trips to Isle Royale where the glider gathered profile data of the water from the surface to the lake bottom.  A second 5-day mission was a single round trip across the same route.  The data gathered by the glider will complement data gathered by instrumentation on the Ranger III on every trip it makes to Isle Royale.

The glider is programmed to move vertically as well as horizontally in the water to collect profile data. When the glider periodically surfaced, it transmitted data back to the operations computer, so researchers could monitor its progress. At the end of each mission, the glider surfaced and transmitted its current location coordinates to the pick-up crew on the S/V Polar for retrieval.  This is the beginning of a great collaboration between the GLRC and the Large Lakes Observatory at UM-D.

Record Number of days at sea with the R/V Agassiz, Summer-Fall 2013

The R/V Agassiz has had a record number of launch days scheduled for summer and fall 2013.  Over 70 days have been scheduled out on the water for research, outreach, and course lab work. Researchers include Drs. Mouw, Fahnenstiel, Kerfoot, and Urban. Outreach activities include community and K-12 class tours and the GM Ride the Waves program with Joan Chadde, Rob Handler, and Dr. M. Auer. Drs. Urban, Marcarelli, and Rose have scheduled the R/V Agassiz for lab courses and field trips.

See Photos and Videos at “Ride the Waves with GM” and Public Learns how Scientists Assess the Health of the Great Lakes

More Photos: Teachers on RV Agassiz

State of Michigan Visitors to the GLRC

August 28, 2013: Visits by Michigan State Representatives

Scott Dianda (110th House Representative) and Sam Singh (69th House Representative) visited the GLRC and toured the facilities with Dale Tahtinen, Glen Mroz, and Michael Abbott.

August 29, 2013: Visits by Michigan Governmental Agencies

Officials from MDOT, Kirk T. Steudle and MI-DNR, Keith Creagh, the State Budget Director John Nixon, the Governor’s Chief of Staff Dennis Muchmore, and the Governor’s Chief Strategist Bill Rustem visited the GLRC.  They toured the facilities, and met with Michigan Tech Administrators in sessions throughout the day.