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GLRC and MTRI Faculty, Staff, Undergraduate and Graduate Students Attend IAGLR’s 60th Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research

Thirty-one faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students, from Houghton and Ann Arbor,  traveled to Detroit from May 15-19 to attend the 60th International Association of Great Lakes Research (IAGLR) conference at the Cobo Center.   Michigan Tech engagement included exhibitor displays staffed by the Great Lakes Research Center (GLRC) and the Michigan Tech Research Institute (MTRI).  Michigan Tech was a contributing sponsor made possible by support from the College of Engineering, College of Sciences and Arts, the GLRC and MTRI.

Ashley Hendricks, a graduate student in Environmental Engineering and advised by Dr. Noel Urban (CEE), won the “2017 David M. Dolan Memorial Fellowship” for pursuing graduate research involving modeling and statistics related to the Great Lakes.

Noel Urban and Ashley Hendricks with the David Dolan Fellowship award.
Ashley Hendricks, pictured with her advisor Noel Urban, was awarded the David Dolan Fellowship award at the 60th Annual IAGLR Conference held in Detroit, MI.
Michigan Tech Exhibit at the 2017 60th Annual IAGLR Conference in Detroit.
Michigan Tech Exhibit at the 60th Annual IAGLR Conference in Detroit.


On Wednesday, May 17 conference attendees joined Detroit Chapter Alumni and Friends for a social at the Big City Bar & Grill in Detroit.  Approximately 30 people attended the event.

The 31 attendees from Michigan Tech represented the following academic departments and institutes:  Civil & Environmental Engineering, Biological Sciences, Social Sciences, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences, the Great Lakes Research Center, and the Michigan Tech Research Institute.

The list below contains names of presentations/posters given at the conference in which the lead author is from MTU or MTRI:

Lead Author Title Co-Author Lead Affiliation
BILLMIRE, M.G., Enabling Increased Sharing of Great Lakes Remote Sensing Data. BROOKS, C.N., BOSSE, K.R., SAYERS, M.J., SHUCHMAN, R.A.,
BOSSE, K.R. Developing A Daily Composite Product for Water Quality Parameters in the Great Lakes. SHUCHMAN, R.A., SAYERS, M.J., SCHWAB, D.J., and LESHKEVICH, G. MTRI
BOURGEAU-CHAVEZ, L.L. Implementing Adaptive Management and Monitoring for Restoration of Wetlands Invaded by Phragmites HIGMAN, P.J., ELGERSMA, K.J., CURRIE, W.S.,
BOURGEAU-CHAVEZ, L.L. Monitoring the Control of Invasive Phragmites australis to Inform Adaptive Management ENDRES, S.L., BROOKS, C.N., SEROCKI, E., CARLSON, J., WANG, F., BATTAGLIA, M.J., and HIGMAN, P.J., MTRI
BROOKS, C.N. Using advanced mapping tools to help
monitor Eurasian watermilfoil for improved treatment options
SAWTELL, R.W. Near Real Time HABs Observations in Lake Erie Using a Lightweight Portable Radiometer SAYERS, M.J., SHUCHMAN, R.A., BOSSE, K.R., HART, B.E., and LEKKI, J. MTRI
SAYERS, M.J. Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Inherent Optical Properties in Western Lake Erie for 2015 and 2016 RUBERG, S, LESHKEVICH, G., STUART, D.G., SHUCHMAN,
R.A., and ADEN, S.T.
SHUCHMAN, R.A. Mapping Stamp Sand Erosion and Deposition in
Keweenaw Bay with Hyperspectral Imagery and LiDAR Data
URBAN, N.R. Spatial and Temporal Variability in PCB Concentrations in Lake Trout from Lake Superior LIN, H., PRIYADARSHINI, M., and PERLINGER, J.A. MTU
XUE, P. Improve Lake Erie Thermal
Structure Predictions using Data Assimilative Hydrodynamic Model
CHU, P., YE, X., and LANG, G.A. MTU
YE, X. Coupling a Regional Climate Model with a
3-D Hydrodynamic Model over the Great Lakes
XUE, P.1, PAL, J.S.2, LENTERS, J.D.3, and CHU, P. MTU
YU, A.W. Evaluating the Influence of the Detroit River on Algal Bloom Distribution in
Western Lake Erie
MOUW, C.B.2, and MOORE, T.S.3 MTU
ADEN, S.T. Monitoring Thermal Discharge from Power
Generating Facilities in the Great Lakes
AUER, M.T. Setting Phosphorus Substance Objectives for Cladophora Management KUCZYNSKI, A. MTU
BATTAGLIA, M.J. Evaluation of available geospatial data for determining wetland connectivity in the Great Lakes BROOKS, C.N., BOURGEAU-CHAVEZ, L.L., ENDRES, S.L., and GRIMM, A. MTRI
BURKETT, E.B. Exploring relationships between Great Lakes salmon stocking and recreational fishing participation WINKLER, R.L. MTU
CHADDE, J.F. Engaging
Urban Detroit Teachers & Students in Natural Resource Stewardship
PEREZ, L.J., and REED, M.D., MTU
HENDRICKS, A.H. Model Validation as A Critical
Component for the Management of Mercury Contamination in Lakes
HUANG, C. Hydrodynamics, Point
Source Discharges and Water Quality in the Lake Ontario Nearshore
HUCKINS, C.J. Eurasian Watermilfoil Response to Herbicide Control and Predictions of its Dispersal HERSCH-GREEN, E.I., MARCARELLI, A.A., GRIMM, A., BROOKS, C.N., ZALLEK, T., LEQUIZAMON, C.M., VAN GOETHEM, R.R., HEILMAN, M.3 MTU
KERFOOT, W.C. Plague of Waterfleas (Bythotrephes): Impacts Cascade From Microcrustaceans to Planktivorous Fish HOBMEIER, M.M.1, MAKI, R.P.2, LEDUC, J.F.3, HIRSCH, J.K.4, and STAPLES, D.F. MTU
KIBLER, R.J. Understanding Lake Superior Warming through
Observational Data and Model Results
XUE, P., and YE, X. MTU
KUCZYNSKI, A. Development, Calibration, and Confirmation of the Great Lakes Cladophora Model v3 AUER, M.T. and CHAPRA, S.C. MTU
MILLER, Z.A. Engaging High School Students in
Urban Wet Weather Flow Management.
PATERSON, G. Ecological tracers indicate basin specific ecologies for the Lake Huron food web MCLEOD, A.M., DROUILLARD, K.G., and HAFFNER, G.D. MTU
PRIYADARSHINI, M. Factors Affecting Fish Mercury Concentration in Inland Lakes URBAN, N.R., PERLINGER, J.A., HENDRICKS, A.H., and
SHAW, E. Legacy Contamination at Areas of Concern URBAN, N.R., and PRIYADARSHINI, M. MTU

This list contains names of presentations/posters given at the conference in which MTU or MTRI is listed as a co-author:

Lead Author (Not MTU) Title Co-Author is someone from MTU/MTRI
CURRIE, W.S. The Mondrian Model: a Tool to Develop an Adaptive Management Framework to Restore Invaded Wetlands. ELGERSMA, K.J.2, MARTINA, J.P.3, and BORGEAU-CHAVEZ, L.
HUBERTY, B. Wetland Identification and Change Detection using Multi-sensor, Multifrequency
Remote Sensing
LEKKI, J. Airborne Hyperspectral Imaging for monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms in Lake Erie ANDERSON, R., AVOURIS, D., BECKER, R., CLINE, M.,
SAAVEDRA, N.E. Quantifying Lake Ontario lake trout responses before, during, and after the Ponto-Caspian invasion PATERSON, G.



Pengfei Xue Interviewed on Lake Climate Projection

image98360-persHOUGHTON — A Michigan Technological University researcher is leading the effort to create a comprehensive model for the complicated and diverse climate of the Great Lakes region.

Pengfei Xue developed a model combining climate and water models with assistance from Loyola Marymount University, LimnoTech and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory.

“When we have that component, the entire water cycle and surface water cycle would be complete. Then we could estimate the water level change over years.”

Read more at the Mining Gazette, by Garrett Neese.

This blog post was re-posted from the Michigan Tech Physics Newsblog with permission from Heather Dunn from Michigan Tech’s University Marketing and Communications department.

Great Lakes News Briefs


Algae Bloom Insight
Gary Fahnenstiel, senior scientist at the Great Lakes Research Center, provided insight into an Ohio River algae bloom in an ABC News article. The article, written by Associated Press Writer John Seewer, was carried by several major news outlets throughout the country including Phys.org and Stars and Stripes.

Mass Spectrometer
Tech Century, a science and engineering news website published by the Engineering Society of Detroit, reported on Lynn Mazzoleni’s (Chem) team effort to acquire a mass spectrometer for Michigan Tech, using a National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation award. The instrument will be located in Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes
Research Center, part of its new Microanalytical Facility, a core facility specializing in mass spectrometry equipment.

Toward Undersea Persistence
Nina Mahmoudian (MEEM) has received a $57,708 grant from the Office of Naval Research for her research project titled, “Toward Undersea Persistence.”

Monitoring the Water Condition
WOOD-TV in Grand Rapids reported on Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center work with Enbridge Energy to monitor the water conditions around Enbridge pipeline in the Straits of Mackinac.

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Lake Superior Day at Copper Harbor 2015

img_0099by Joan Chadde

The beauty and bounty of Lake Superior was celebrated Sunday July 26th at the Third Annual Lake Superior Day in Copper Harbor. Community volunteers, along with the Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative, organized the festival with lots of special activities at the 6th Street Dock along the Copper Harbor Boardwalk. Activities included:

Community picnic ($5 donation suggested)
Canoe races and kayak demonstrations
Interactive art (paint the model freighter)
Remotely-Operated-Vehicle demonstrations by Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center
Presentation on the health of Lake Superior by Great Lakes scientist Martin Auer (CEE)

Live music, poetry and more
From 1-4 p.m. a special highlight is the opportunity for festival attendees to find out how scientists study the Great Lakes by taking a 40-minute scientific excursion aboard Michigan Tech’s research vessel, Agassiz. The excursions are part of the Ride the Waves Program funded by a grant from General Motors. The Agassiz went out every 45 minutes from the Isle Royale Queen dock.

The Agassiz made seven trips for a total of 118 passengers with 82 adults and 36 youth. Participants from many places throughout Michigan and beyond, including a family from France taking the year to bike across North America.

Lake Superior Day is celebrated throughout the Lake Superior basin on or close to the third Sunday in July in many communities around Lake Superior.

Daily Mining Gazette Lake Superior Day

Channel 6 News Video Clip

Find out more:

Lake Superior Magazine

Lake Superior Day 2015
Lake Superior Day 2015
Lake Superior Day
Lake Superior Day
Lake Superior Day
Lake Superior Day

Scientific excursions aboard MTU’s research vessel Agassiz at Strawberry Festival


Nearly 100 community members went home on Saturday afternoon with a greatly enhanced understanding of Great Lakes science and were inspired to care for the lake. Several youth are super engaged now and want to learn more.

This was the 10th year at the Strawberry Festival, and the outreach program continues to reach new people locally and visitors to the area! 7 excursions went out on the Agassiz.

See Photo Gallery

Here are a few highlights from the evaluation responses:
“The Agassiz program is great as is; no improvement needed!”
“Fun & educational”
“New info they learned—many said plankton & bloodworms”
“Importance of good quality water”
“Share info with others, will teach my children & grandchildren, encourage them to take care of our water resources”
“This sounds like a type of job that I’d like to do when I’m older” (13 years old)
“How to save the Great Lakes ecosystem”
“Would like to learn more about interdependence & effects on other organisms”

The outreach program shows ‘How do scientists assess the health of Lake Superior’ as the focus of these free scientific excursions that were offered at the Strawberry Festival.

The public was invited to sign up for FREE 40-minute scientific excursions aboard Michigan Tech’s research vessel Agassiz.

On each scientific excursion, a Dr. Marty Auer, an MTU Great Lakes scientist, demonstrated the use of sampling equipment to collect plankton and sediment, evaluate water clarity, temperature, and turbidity that tell us about the health of the lake, i.e. Chassell Bay. Participants saw the connection between land uses and the health of the Great Lakes.

Remotely-Operated-Vehicle (ROV) demonstrations were also be conducted from the Chassell Marina dock throughout the afternoon.

“Copper Country residents and visitors are encouraged to learn how scientists study the Great Lakes and what factors contribute to a healthy lake,” explains Joan Chadde, education program director. “These scientific excursions for the public have been offered at the Strawberry Festival since 2006 and have been extremely popular. Youth and adults enjoy the opportunity to interact with Great Lakes scientists and get their questions answered.”

The event is coordinated by the Western U.P. Center for Science, Mathematics and Environmental Education and Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center. This year, the program is funded by the GM Ride the Waves Program putting more than 500 Copper Country youth and adults on the water each year to learn about the Great Lakes and promote STEM careers, along with support from the Michigan Tech Center for Water & Society, Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative, and the Chassell Lions Club.

Western UP Center for Science, Mathematics & Environmental Education: http://wupcenter.mtu.edu/
Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center http://greatlakes.mtu.edu/
Michigan Tech Center for Water & Society http://www.mtcws.mtu.edu/
Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative http://lakesuperiorstewardship.org/





STEM Immersion on Isle Royale

IMG_0702 (2) (1280x853)A group of 13 Keweenaw Bay Indian Community youth took part in an immersion experience in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education and careers, May 26 to 30, 2015 on Isle Royale. The program, entitled “MAAMAADIZI II”, was co-sponsored by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, the Cedar Tree Institute of Marquette, the Isle Royale Institute and Michigan Tech’s Ride the Waves with General Motors Program. MAAMAADIZI, meaning “the Journey begins” in the Anishinaabe language, sought to immerse students in a wilderness environment rich in both scientific and spiritual content. A diverse community participated in the Journey, including spiritual advisors, artists, scientists, chaperones, graduate student mentors and KBIC drummers … a grand party of 32 travelers. Isle Royale National Park provided an ideal wilderness setting for this important work.

The Michigan Tech team of 6 members traveled to Isle Royale aboard the R/V Agassiz with Captain Stephen Roblee at the helm; the rest of the party came across on the MV Ranger III. Once on the island, the R/V Agassiz provided transport to campsites, ferry service for on-island field trips and served as a platform for STEM offerings. KBIC students, MTU graduate student mentors and chaperones camped for two nights at Daisy Farm, with the entire party moving to Tobin Harbor Cottages for the last two nights.

STEM Science was presented through water quality measurements (light and temperature sensors, Secchi disk transparency) and collections (plankton and bottom organisms) made in Moskey Basin and in the open lake from the R/V Agassiz. Samples were examined on board using microscopes and dissecting scopes. The STEM Science program was led by Dr. Marty Auer of Michigan Tech supported by graduate student mentors Varsha Raman, Aubrey Scott and Nathan Zgnilec.

STEM Math was presented within the context of mass and compass (on land, Jon Magnuson, Cedar Tree Institute) and vessel navigation (on the water, Stephen Roblee, MTU). Hikes to Mount Ojibway and an R/V Agassiz cruise around ice-encrusted Blake Point to a shipwreck site on the Palisades provided the venue for STEM Math offerings.

Students also participated in Art and Spirit Projects led by artist and illustrator Diana Magnuson of the Cedar Tree Institute. Ken Vrana, Director of the Isle Royale Institute, guided students on hikes and on field trips to Rock Harbor Lighthouse, Edisen Fishery and the Island home of the Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Project hosted by MTU’s Rolf and Candy Peterson.

The Journey was wrapped up with a Feast prepared by the Rock Harbor Lodge, a Ceremony hosted by the Keweenaw Bay Indian Community Drum and an evening campfire with S’mores.

The KBIC, particularly Lori Sherman and chaperones Richard Wickstrom and Katrina Ravindran, deserves special thanks for logistical and financial support. The Isle Royale Institute contributed financial and made other contributions which greatly enriched the experience. The R/V Agassiz and Captain Stephen Roblee were made available through Ride the Waves with General Motors. Wilderness STEM experiences with KBIC youth were originated in 2013 by Jon Magnuson of the Cedar Tree Institute and Marty Auer of Michigan Tech and, with support from General Motors are now in their third year.

Group at Mott Island, Isle Royale National Park, Lake Superior
Group at Mott Island, Isle Royale National Park, Lake Superior
Group on board RV Agassiz, Isle Royale National Park, Lake Superior
Group on board RV Agassiz, Isle Royale National Park, Lake Superior
Group at the the Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Project hosted by MTU’s Rolf and Candy Peterson
Group at the the Isle Royale Wolf-Moose Project hosted by MTU’s Rolf and Candy Peterson
On board the RV Agassiz
On board the RV Agassiz

See More Photos of the STEM Immersion on Isle Royale

STEM Career Tours at Michigan Tech

STEMHigh School students came to learn about STEM Careers at Michigan Tech. Nearly 200 high school students from nine schools in the western UP spent a day at Michigan Tech, exploring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers. They visited labs and learn about green building and low-impact design, human monitoring devices, forest insects, steam mechanics, remotely-operated vehicles, computer science, materials science and engineering, civil engineering/concrete testing, Great Lakes fish, transportation engineering and geology and mining engineering.

On Tuesday May 12, students from Jeffers High School in Adams Township spent the day at Tech learning about STEM careers. Students from Nah Tah Wahsh Public Academy in Wilson were on campus on May 13th, and on Friday the 15th the University will host students from Watersmeet High School.

Students visited a variety of science, engineering, and computer labs at Michigan Tech and participate in presentations and hands-on activities led by Michigan Tech students, engineers, and scientists to kick start students’ planning for careers in STEM. Tours were approximately from 9 am to 2:30 pm.

View some photos of the STEM Careers Tours Program at Michigan Tech

View a short video clip of a lab example learning about STEM careers

Download the PDF Flyer: STEM Career Tours at Michigan Tech

Selected Topics and Labs to Visited:

Green Building & Low Impact Design
Stream Mechanics Lab
Remotely Operated Vehicles
Computer Science
Materials Science & Engineering
Civil Engineering Concrete TestingLab
Fishy Great Lakes
Transportation Engineering
Geology & Mining Engineering
Human Monitoring Devices / Driving Simulator
Forest Insects

For more information about STEM Career Tours at Michigan Tech, contact:

Joan Chadde, Director
MTU Center for Science & Environmental Outreach
jchadde@mtu.edu or 906-487-3341

Made possible with funding from the Michigan STEM Partnership and coordinated by the MTU Center for Science & Environmental Outreach and Western U.P. Center for Science, Math and Environmental Education with assistance from the Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering.

STEM Tours School FLYER

Schools Sheduled (Update to May 6)

April 28 – Keweenaw Bay Alternative School and Copper Country Christian
May 4 – Lake Linden-Hubbell High School
May 5 – L’Anse High School
May 8: Dollar Bay
May 11: Bessemer
May 12: Jeffers High School
May 13: Nah Tah Wahsh
May 15: Watersmeet

STEM Career Tour
STEM Career Tour
STEM Career Tour
STEM Career Tour

Lake Superior Celebration April 23

00IMG_0298aLake Superior Celebration:
6:00-8:00pm, Thursday, April 23, 2015; Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center

Michigan Tech’s Great Lakes Research Center was the site of a celebration of Lake Superior. The event took place from 6-8 p.m. Thursday. It was free and open to the public.

There was a variety of hands-on activities, GLRC tours (green roof and other sustainable features), energy efficient homes, wind turbines and draft dodger activities for youth.

See the Photo Gallery of the Lake Superior Celebration here

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Michigan Tech World Water Day 2015

IMG_3709Michigan Tech celebrated World Water Day on March 23, 2015. Professor Peter Goodwin presented a lecture on “River Restoration and Flood Management”. Goodwin is the director of the Center for Ecohydraulics Research at the University of Idaho and also served as the science director for the California Delta Program. He is the DeVlieg Presidential Professor in Ecohydraulics and Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Idaho.

The Center for Water & Society World Water Day poster competition was held at the Great Lakes Research Center. Awards were made in two categories: Original Research (presentation of thesis or project research) and Coursework/Informational (presentation of coursework or literature-based research).

Original Research
1st place: Jennifer Fuller
Developing a Sustainable Solution to an Urgent Problem: Pharmaceuticals in the Water Cycle
2nd Place: Anika Kuczynski
Shining Light on Cladophora in the Great Lakes
3rd Place: Marcel Dijkstra
Ecosystem function in Lake Superior: The impact of “big heat” (2012) and “big chill” (2014)

1st place: Hayden Henderson group
Decentralized Wastewater Treatment (DEWATS): San Francisco del Valle, Panama
2nd Place: Erica Coscarelli group
LEED Certification of the Van Pelt and Opie Library
3rd Place: Sarah Harttung
Hawai’ian Coral Reef Sedimentation from Industry and Its Impacts

More Details, News Articles, Photos and Video

Michigan Tech Celebrates World Water Day
Michigan Tech Celebrates World Water Day
Panel "What role will dams play in future water resource management?"
Panel “What role will dams play in future water resource management?”

National Society of Black Engineers Spring Break to Promote STEM Education and Careers

NSBE3aNational Society of Black Engineers students from Michigan Tech are going to present science, technology and engineering talks in the Detroit area for middle- and highschool students at five different schools by day, and presenting three family engineering nights for elementary students at night. The spring break trip is supported by John Deere.

The Houghton Michigan Daily Mining Gazette had an article: “Doing good downstate: Six Tech students will spend break sharing with youngsters.

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