Welcome Home Daniell Heights Residents

Hello Huskies,

Welcome home Daniell Heights residents! Thank you so much for doing your part these past couple weeks to ensure a safe move in and a strong initial start. It is great watching all the students bring excitement to the campus community all while taking the steps to do your part and keep our community safe from COVID-19. Every time you have worn your mask properly and physically distanced six feet, you have lowered the spread of COVID-19 on our campus, keeping your friends, family, staff, and the whole community safer. Thank you for doing your part. These first couple weeks have been a solid first step, but we have a long way to go to get to May. While Daniell Heights provides a more contained living experience, all members of the community still need to take the necessary precautions. Remember, though we have an aggressive isolation and quarantine strategy, COVID-19 IS on our campus. Everyone needs to do their part to continue to keep those around us safe. Here are some key reminders: 

  • Keep six feet physical distancing from one another both outside AND inside buildings. Being outside doesn’t change the need to keep a distance from others. If you’re walking around outside in the Heights community, you still need to keep at least six feet of distance. Mind your distancing when you’re waiting for the shuttle and in classroom buildings, common areas, etc. at all times.  
  • Wear face coverings properly while inside (and outside if six feet distance can’t be maintained) covering both nose and mouth. Covering the mouth is a start but isn’t enough to stay safe. Keep the face coverings up, covering both nose and mouth, and on at all times if you’re in common areas in the apartment building.
  • Follow the room capacity limits. The capacity limits on campus building spaces have been determined by professionals to ensure everyone can safely physically distance themselves while sharing a space together. If the room is at its capacity limit, don’t go in. Make sure furniture is set up in a way that maintains the six feet physical distancing and correct it if it doesn’t.  
  • Avoid risky behaviors while off campus. The risks to catch COVID-19 don’t change when you’re off campus. Whether you’re at the store or attending a social gathering, make sure you’re in an environment that keeps you safe and is following the necessary safety guidelines requiring masks and physical distancing. If a gathering looks unsafe, where physical distancing is impossible or masks aren’t being worn, don’t take unnecessary risks with your health and safety. Leave.  
  • Speak up! We need everyone to assist the community when it needs reminding. If someone forgets to wear a mask, don’t be afraid to remind them and ask staff if you need help doing it. If a great social gathering is starting to get a little closer than six feet, do a physical distancing check for everyone. Everyone needs reminding, so let’s work together in helping the community stay on track. 
  • COVID-19 policies are an expectation of everyone living  on campus. This is about keeping the community safe so all can continue to have an in-person experience. We respect those who have different opinions and embrace your right to disagree, but you have to abide by the policies while living in the community. We are committed to keeping the community safe and will report and refer students to the Academic and Community Conduct office for not following these guidelines. Remember, it’s not just about risk to self, but to your friends, families, staff, professors, and the community as a whole. We take it seriously and will report behaviors that endanger others.
  • Students who need to isolate themselves in the apartments can do so safely by following the necessary precautions. We don’t want anyone to get sick, but in case you test positive for COVID-19, you will be asked to isolate yourself in your apartment to help keep the surrounding community safe. The Western Upper Peninsula Health Department has provided guidance that it is safe for students to isolate in their apartment in Daniell Heights since kitchens and bathrooms are not shared. In the event someone tests positive for COVID-19, our staff will provide both support and guidance so you and those you live with can isolate/quarantine safely in your own apartment.  

In the event someone living in Daniell Heights should test positive for COVID-19, individuals living in apartments other than the one in which the infected person is isolating are not considered close contacts, as living spaces are not shared. Passing by a person briefly or being in a different apartment in the same building will not infect others, but staying in close contact for more than 15 minutes (less than six feet away) does create a higher risk that requires quarantine. Taking the necessary precautions such as wearing a face covering properly, keeping physical distancing, and following proper hygiene practices will go a long way to keeping everyone safe. We have the tenacity to do this. But, like the rest of the universities in the country, we only have one shot to make this work. We need the community working together to keep our Husky home safe and protect all those around us.

Matt Weekley
Director of Housing Auxiliary Operations and Residence Education

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