Day: October 27, 2020

Looking for COVID updates?

Are you looking for COVID updates?  The Michigan Tech Flext site is a great place to start for campus community updates:

An email was sent to students with Spring 2021 updates on October 23.  Please make sure you are checking and reading your email!
You can see publicly available COVID statistics regarding the Michigan Tech campus online:

Looking for comparison statistics for COVID cases in the community?   The Western Upper Peninsula Health Department posts weekly updates: 
You can follow them on Facebook too: 
Copper Country Strong is also a good site for community updates: 
They are also available on Facebook:

The state of Michigan has recently released an app for phones to help you track if you have been somewhere at the same time as another person who reports a positive COVID test.  You can report your own positive test to alert others who may have been in the same place and time as well.  Please consider adding MI COVID alert to your phone for your own use.

Data regarding the state of Michigan can also be tracked online:,9753,7-406-98163_98173—,00.html