Important Email Sent to Students on October 23

A very important email was sent to students on October 23 from Dr. Gorman and Dr. Huntoon.  For your convenience, here are the details.

Date: Fri, Oct 23, 2020 at 1:27 PM
Subject: Spring 2021: Instruction, Schedules, and Accommodations
To: (sent to all students)

Dear Huskies,
Registration is around the corner and some of you may be wondering how courses will be taught during the spring semester. The options for spring instruction are listed below and will be visible (starting at noon on Sunday) during registration:

  • Face-to-Face (F2F): Courses will be held in person at every scheduled class period. Instructors plan to be physically present in the room with students. These courses may include flipped-classroom instruction. For example, these courses may include recorded lectures and other online activities. Instructors will have a plan for students who cannot attend in person for any reason. During registration, students should assume a class is F2F if it has no other designated attributes, which are visible in the section information when they click on the CRN.
  • F2F-SPLIT: Courses will have regularly scheduled F2F sessions, with an instructor present. However, due to COVID-19 capacity limits, course participants will be split into groups with each group attending in person at staggered intervals. This allows all students to attend in person on a regular basis. Instructors will have a plan to deliver course content and materials to students who are not able to attend a session in person. These sections will have an attribute defined as “IN PERSON; SPLIT ATTENDANCE.” Students will see this in the section information if they click on the CRN.
  • F2F-ONLY: Courses will be held in person at every scheduled class period. No remote instruction will be available, and remote participation is not an option. Students who want/need to attend remotely should not register for this course. Students unable to attend regularly scheduled sessions may be required to make up work in person at alternative times. These sections will have an attribute defined as “IN PERSON ONLY; NO REMOTE.” Students will see this in the section information if they click on the CRN.
  • Remote: There will be no F2F instruction in a classroom. Attendance is required for synchronous components on a regular basis. Synchronous means the course has scheduled meeting times that students attend virtually. Not every class period will necessarily be synchronous—the course may also include asynchronous content, which students can complete with time and place flexibility. These sections are identified as REMOTE in the class location.
  • Online: Asynchronous instruction. All course activity is done online; there are no required synchronous face-to-face sessions within the course and no requirements for on-campus activity. These sections are identified as ONLINE in the class location.

Please note that the Hybrid option has been removed from the list because both students and instructors feel that either face-to-face or remote instruction is preferable to hybrid, which is essentially a combination of the two. If you have questions about your fall schedule or specific courses, don’t hesitate to contact your academic advisor, the chair or dean of your academic department or college, or the Registrar’s Office.

We also recognize that some students may find themselves facing circumstances that will make it challenging to be on campus during the spring semester, and we want to ensure those students have the opportunity to pursue their education remotely. Students who fall into one of the two broad categories listed below can apply for a spring semester accommodation, which would also release them from their on-campus housing contract, if applicable.

  1. Students who have pre-existing medical conditions that put them at higher risk if they get COVID-19. These students should contact Student Disability Services (SDS) by email at and provide documentation that supports their request. Requests will be reviewed and, if granted, SDS will notify both Residence Education and Housing Services (if applicable) and your instructors that you will be studying remotely. 
  2. Students who are facing unforeseen or extenuating circumstances and believe studying remotely is necessary. Examples of such situations could include, but are not limited to, the following:
    *Concerns about putting an at-risk family member at a higher risk. *Working in an environment that is high-risk, such as a medical facility. *A schedule that includes all remote/online courses as a result of the mode of course delivery made available by the University.

In situations that fall into category 2, students should try to schedule remote courses at the time of registration. This will make the accommodation process easier for everyone involved. In addition, please submit a COVID-19 Special Consideration Request using this form. All requests will be reviewed by a committee with representatives from the Dean of Students Office, Financial Aid, Residence Education and Housing Services, Administration, and Academic Affairs.

All students should be aware that remote accommodations are not possible for F2F-ONLY courses.

If your request is approved, your instructors and Residence Education and Housing Services (if applicable) will be notified that you will be studying remotely. 

The deadline for making these requests is no later than November 10, 2020. If your circumstances change after the deadline, please email to discuss your situation.

If you have any other questions, please send an email to

With Regards,

Bonnie Gorman, Dean of Students and Vice President for Student AffairsJackie Huntoon, Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs

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