Day: November 9, 2020

Fall Departure Form Available Now

If you live in on campus housing and will be departing at the end of the Fall 2019 semester due to graduation, coop, internship, study abroad, withdrawal, or transfer, please notify Residence Education and Housing Services of your intent to depart.  This includes exchange students returning to their home countries.  The Fall Departure form is ONLY available for these specific educational reasons:  graduation, coop, internship, study abroad, withdrawal, or transfer.
(Cotenants who live in Daniell Heights need to tell their contract holder.  Cotenants in Daniell Heights are not required to complete this form.)

Departing on campus residents must:
1.  Complete the online departure notice no later than November 20, 2020 at 5:00pm.  The notice is online:
2.  After your departure reason is verified, you will be contacted by the first week of December with additional departure instructions.  (The last week of November is Thanksgiving Break.)  Every departure will be verified before approval can be granted.
3.  Remove all personal property.  Make sure you take your bike.  Check your mailbox to make sure you take all of your mail and packages.4.  Return your furniture back to the original move in set up.5.  Remove all trash and clean the space.
6.  Return all assigned keys to Residence Education and Housing Services, 153 Wadsworth hall using a provided key return envelope no later than Saturday, December 19 at noon.  The office will be open on December 19 to accept key returns.  Residence hall students who move out at night earlier in the week can turn their keys in at the misaddressed mail slot at their reception desks.  Daniell Heights residents can turn their keys in to the key drop box in the lobby area of Daniell Heights building 2001.

If you are a departing on campus student and you do not follow these steps, you may be charged additional fees for improper departure. 
Students who are graduating can request and be granted a 1 day extension to move out on Sunday, December 20 due to the graduation ceremony on December 19.

Departing Daniell Heights contract holders who wish to arrange for a current cotenant to take over the contract should make an appointment or email for more information.

Please contact Residence Education and Housing Services, 153 Wadsworth Hall, 906-487-2682 or if you have additional questions.