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Parking Lot Snow Removal (Lot 4 and Lot 17)

All students parked in Lot 4 (Hillside) and Lot 17 (Wadsworth) will need to move their vehicles on Thursday, February 14 between 8am and midnight.  Vehicles should be moved to Lot 24.  After the snow is removed on Friday, February 15, Transportation Services will email students so cars can be returned.  All cars must be moved back to assigned lots and out of Lot 24 by Friday, February 15 at 8pm.

Contract Renewal Questions?

Residence Hall contract renewal is available for current, returning, and transfer students.  Online contract renewal will end at 11:59pm on January 24.  The deadline to submit a residence hall contract in person for 2019-2020 is February 28, 2019 at 5pm.  Housing (153 Wadsworth Hall) is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm to assist students.
Requests from current, returning, and transfer students to live in the residence halls on or after March 1 will be placed on a waiting list for 2019-2020.  Requests will be honored only after all of the first year students are assigned to rooms.  Residence hall availability may be extremely restricted after all of the first year students are assigned and may be limited to triple occupancy rooms.
If you renewed a room for one residence hall room, but now you want a different residence hall room, you can come in person to Housing (153 Wadsworth Hall) starting on January 25 to request a different room.  Change requests by current students can be accepted through the month of February in person at Housing.
If you renewed a residence hall contract and did not select a room with a roommate, or if your preferred roommate is no longer available for any reason, you will be joined with another student who also needs a roommate.  Housing will email students to let them know they have been joined with another student.  Housing will make every possible effort to combine current students with each other.
If you have a friend or a relative that will be a new student next year and you want to be roommates, after you have both turned in a housing contract for 2019-2020 both students will need to send an email to from their own Michigan Tech email accounts.  Both students will need to state their own full name and M-number.  Both students will need to state the name of the person they want to be roommates with.  If Housing receives a request from both students, the students can be joined.  February 28 at 5pm is the deadline to assure special requests.
If you are a student who has a special need due to a disability, you may need a housing accommodation.  Students who believe they have a disability should contact Disability Services in the Administration Building.  You will request your disability related accommodation directly with them.  Once approved, Disability Services will tell Housing what accommodations are needed.  Housing will then coordinate directly with the student for the appropriate housing assignment.
Didn’t find the answer to your question here?  Please visit Housing (153 Wadsworth Hall), call us at 906-487-2682, or email .  Appointments are not required to come visit with us.

Do you need assistance?

Housing and Residential Life, 153 Wadsworth Hall, is open Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm to help you.  You can visit us in person, call 906-487-2682, or email for assistance.
If you need urgent assistance after the office closes, students in the residence halls can talk to their RA.  All on campus residents can call the DUTY phone: 906-487-3889.
If you need a minor repair that can wait until the next business day, you can email .

Michigan Tech is tobacco free, smoke free, and vapor free

Michigan Tech is committed to providing a healthy, safe and clean campus community. For this reason, the University has gone Tobacco Free, Smoke Free and Vapor Free. The use of all tobacco products and vapor e-cigarettes is prohibited on all Michigan Tech-owned or leased properties. Students, faculty, staff and visitors are asked to respect this policy and help us create a healthier campus.
Need more information?

Did you lock yourself out?

From time to time you might accidentally lock yourself out of your room or apartment.  If this happens to you, you can go to the reception desk for help.  Residents in McNair and Hillside can go to the McNair reception desk.  Residents in Douglass Houghton Hall can go to the DHH reception desk.  Residents in the shared houses, Daniell Heights, and Wadsworth Hall can go to the Wadsworth Hall reception desk.  There is a fee of $5 to borrow a key.
If you are locked out and the reception desk is closed, residents in the residence halls should talk to any RA or call the DUTY phone: 906-487-3889. A $5 fee will be charged.
Residents in Daniell Heights or the shared houses should visit the Department of Public Safety and Police Services for assistance after the Wadsworth Hall reception desk closes.  There is a $40 fee for DPSPS officer assistance after hours for lock out assistance.
Where does the fee go?  Lock out fees support Husky FAN to help students who need meals.  You can read more about Husky FAN online:

Residence Halls Open Saturday, August 25

Residence Halls open!
Saturday, August 25 at 9am all residence halls will open.  New students will check in directly at the Rozsa with the Orientation Team.  Returning students will check in at the reception desk for their building.  Returning students in Douglass Houghton Hall will go to the Douglass Houghton Hall reception desk.  McNair Hall and Hillside Place returning students will go to the McNair Hall reception desk.  Shared houses, Daniell Heights, and Wadsworth Hall students will go to the Wadsworth Hall reception desk.

Do you Need Assistance?

Do you see something that needs to be repaired?  You do not need to wait for the office to be open to report the issue.  If you need a repair, send an email to .   Attaching pictures of the problem is very helpful.  Requests are processed during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.
Not sure what to do?  Come visit us in Housing, 153 Wadsworth Hall, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.
Do you have an urgent problem that cannot wait?  You can call the DUTY phone 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for urgent problems that cannot wait.  Water flowing that will not stop, no heat, no electricity, no water are urgent issues.  Please call :906-487-3889 for urgent assistance.
Your RA is available to help you.  Can’t find your RA?  Any RA can help you.  Not sure what to do?  Talk to any RA in your building for help.

Repair Requests

Squeaky door?  Sticky lock?  If you need a repair in your residence hall room, or if you notice something that needs repair anywhere on campus, please complete an online repair request form.  This form is submitted to our Facilities staff who perform repairs Monday through Friday during business hours.

If you have an emergency and need urgent attention that cannot wait (no power, no heat, running water that will not stop) please call the DUTY phone for immediate assistance: 906-487-3889 or 906-487-DUTY.

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