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Spring Residence Hall Move Out

All residence hall students who live in Wadsworth Hall, McNair Hall, Douglass Houghton Hall, Hillside Place, and the ICE House are scheduled to move out by Saturday, May 5 at noon.

If you need to depart a day or two late for any reason, you will need to complete a late departure request online.  The online late departure request form is available starting on April 1.

Graduating seniors (Wadsworth, Douglass Houghton, McNair, Hillside, ICE House) are permitted to leave one day late on Sunday, May 5 at noon without a late departure fee. Graduating seniors must still complete the late departure form to ensure building access. All other late departing students will be charged $20 per person per day for each day of late departure.

Please visit Housing, 153 Wadsworth Hall, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm if you need additional assistance.

Daniell Heights: did a cotenant move out?

If you are a contract holder in Daniell Heights and a cotenant moved out or a new cotenant moved in, please notify Housing.  You can use the convenient online google form.
All requests for changes are processed during normal business hours, 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday.
If you know a change will be happening, you can submit your request in advance.  There is no fee to make a change, so please let us know.

Summer School Housing

Will you be taking summer school classes at Michigan Tech? Summer school students can live in Wadsworth Hall for track A, track B, or for the full summer. All summer school students will live in the same house together. You can request to be in a double occupancy room with a roommate, or you can request to have the room as a single. An unlimited meal plan is included, but there are no dining dollars or guest meal passes in the summer.

The cost for track A or track B for a double occupancy room with a roommate is $1764 per session. The cost for track A or track B for a single occupancy room is $2044 per session. Full rates are posted online.

Beginning on April 1, summer school housing applications can be completed at Housing, 153 Wadsworth Hall, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. A copy of the summer school housing application is available online.

Spring Break is coming!

Spring Break is coming. Before you go, please take a few minutes to read important Spring Break details posted online.

Please move your car out of the residential parking lots and in to commuter lot 24 no later than Sunday, March 11. Vehicles can be returned on Sunday, March 18. Please use the rows closest to the SDC – vehicles must be parked together in the first rows to allow for plowing if necessary. Cars that are not moved can be ticketed and towed. Please contact Transportation Services in the Administration Building if you have parking questions.

The last meal will be complete on Friday, March 9 at 6pm in Wadsworth Dining Hall. Wadsworth will serve dinner on Sunday, March 18. All dining halls will resume normal service on Monday, March 19.

If you will be staying with us for the whole break, leaving late, or returning early, please register online using the ‘request to stay for the break’ google form. There is no fee to stay for the break. You can find the ‘request to stay for the break’ form online on the Housing website.

Please keep your Husky Card with you at all times. You will need this to enter your building during the break.

If you need assistance, contact Housing and Residential Life during the day (Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm) at 153 Wadsworth Hall,, or 906-487-2682. If you have an urgent need after office hours, call DUTY phone: 906-487-3889 or 906-487-DUTY. If you have an emergency, please call 911 or the Department of Police Services and Public Safety: 906-487-2216.

Have a safe and fun Spring Break!

Residence Hall Contract Renewal

Current, returning, graduate and transfer students can sign residence hall contracts now for the 2018-2019 school year.  If you are certain you wish to live on campus for the 2018-2019 school year, you can come to Housing 153 Wadsworth Hall now to sign a residence hall contract.  Currently out of town?  You can email to request a residence hall contract.
The deadline to submit a signed residence hall contract for current, returning, transfer and graduate students is February 28, 2018 at 5pm EST.  Requests for residence hall contracts received after this date will be placed on a waiting list and only honored after all first year students are assigned.  Housing is not guaranteed for students who are on the waiting list that will start on March 1.
Questions?  Please call 906-487-2682, email, or visit Housing in person at 153 Wadsworth Hall, Monday through Friday, 8am to 5pm.

Hillside Place Waiting List for 2018-2019

With only 194 beds, Hillside is the smallest and newest residence hall.  It is extremely popular and fills quickly during the contract renewal process every year.

A waiting list opens for students on February 1, 2018 at 9am EST.  If you renewed a contract in a different building, but really want to be in Hillside…or if you renewed in Hillside in one room but really want a different room…please go online and submit your request to the Hillside Place waiting list on February 1, 2018 starting at 9am EST.

At the end of the Spring 2018 semester, some students will be removed from Hillside due to coop, internship, study abroad, fall camp, transfer, withdrawal, and graduation.  From April through July, students on the waiting list will be contacted by email if vacancies become available.  The Hillside Place waiting list will be available online starting on February 1:

Make sure you are logged in to your Michigan Tech account.  You will not be able to access this google form from a personal google account.  Only Michigan Tech students can access the form.

Repair Requests

Squeaky door?  Sticky lock?  If you need a repair in your residence hall room, or if you notice something that needs repair anywhere on campus, please complete an online repair request form.  This form is submitted to our Facilities staff who perform repairs Monday through Friday during business hours.

If you have an emergency and need urgent attention that cannot wait (no power, no heat, running water that will not stop) please call the DUTY phone for immediate assistance: 906-487-3889 or 906-487-DUTY.

Spring 2018 is Coming Soon

All new Spring 2018 residence hall (Wadsworth, McNair, Douglass Houghton, Hillside, ICE House) students are permitted to move in to on Thursday, January 11 after 9am. If you will be a new student, you should check your MyMichiganTech account in the first week of January for your housing assignment details. All new students will check in at Housing and Residential Life, 153 Wadsworth Hall or the Wadsworth Hall reception desk. If you arrive late at night, please stop at the Department of Public Safety and Police Services to pick up your new residence hall key.
All returning Spring 2018 students may arrive starting at 9am on Thursday, January 11 at no additional fee. There is a $20 per person per day fee to arrive before this. Please use the early arrival/late departure form if you need to request an early arrival.
New students who have new contracts and will live in Daniell Heights, the shared houses on East Street, or the Sustainability House have contracts that start on January 12. You will be able to pick up your keys starting on January 12 at 9am from Housing, 153 Wadsworth Hall. Watch your email for exact details.
Wadsworth Hall dining hall will serve meals starting on Sunday, January 14. The reception desks will be open on Sunday, January 14. January 15 is a holiday. January 16 is the first day of class.
If you have questions, please contact Housing and Residential Life at 153 Wadsworth Hall, 906-487-2682, or for assistance.

Fall Departures

Are you planning to move out of your on-campus housing at the end of the Fall 2017 semester? If you will be leaving due to graduation, co-op, internship, study abroad, withdrawal, or transfer you may request to be released from your current housing without a contract termination penalty.
Please go online to notify Housing and Residential Life of your intention to depart. The online form will be available November 1-17. Watch your Michigan Tech email account for additional instructions. The Fall Departure form becomes active on November 1. The Fall Departure notification form can be found here:
Housing and Residential Life will verify your request with the appropriate department (Career Services for internships, IPS for study abroad, etc). All requests must be verified. If your request can be verified with the appropriate department, Housing and Residential Life will contact you in the first week of December with additional departure instructions to assist in your check out. If you are leaving due to withdrawal, transfer, coop, internship, or study abroad, start planning now to move out by Saturday, December 23 at noon. Due to early graduation on Dec 16, graduating students should also plan to depart no later than noon on Saturday, December 23 at noon.

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