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Residence Hall Contract Renewal

Residence Hall contract renewal is available now for current Michigan Tech students.  Convenient online contract renewal is available January 13 through January 23.  To renew a residence hall contract online, log in to your MyMichiganTech account and select your Housing tab.  You can then sign up for contract renewal using the link on the left side of the page. (It is best to use Internet Explorer or FireFox to fill out the application).

If you miss online residence hall contract renewal, you can still come in person to renew a contract at Housing Services up until Friday, February 28 at 5pm.  After that deadline, current students, returning students, transfer students, and graduate students who wish to live in the residence halls will be placed on a waiting list.

More details are online:

A contract for housing (on or off campus) is legally binding.  Please consider all of your options before you sign any contract. If you want to discuss your options, please visit us in Housing Services at 153 Wadsworth Hall, call 906-487-2682, or email for assistance.

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Daniell Heights Contract Renewal

Current contract holders in Daniell Heights can go online to renew their housing contracts. Contract renewal is on the MyMichiganTech account on the Housing tab. Select Contract Renewal. Online contract renewal is available Feb 3, 2020 at 9am until Feb 10, 2020 11:59pm. 

If you take no action, your current Daniell Heights contract will end on June 30, 2020 at noon. If you renew your contract, your contract will end on June 30, 2021 at noon. 

If you wish to transfer apartments, there is a $300 transfer fee. You should renew your current contract, and then make a follow up appointment in Housing Services to select a new apartment. Appointments can be scheduled online as part of the contract renewal process in your MyMichiganTech account. Available transfer apartments will depend on which contract holders choose to not renew for another year and cannot be determined in advance. Transfers will occur in the month of July.

Questions? Please visit Housing Services, 153 Wadsworth Hall, email or call 906-487-2682.

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Need a repair?

Drafty window?  Sticky lock?  Drippy faucet?  Burned out light bulb?  If you live on campus and you need a repair, please complete the online “repair request” form.  All requests go to Facilities.  When you complete the online repair request form, you will get updates on the status of your request directly from Facilities.  Normal repairs are completed Monday through Friday during normal business hours.

If you have an urgent problem that cannot wait (NO heat, NO electricity, NO water, water that is flowing and will not stop), please call the Facilities Emergency phone number: 906-487-0001.  Requests for emergency assistance that are not emergencies or due to student negligence may be charged $150 convenience fee for after hours non-emergency assistance.

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Daniell Heights Spring Apartments are Available

Convenient on campus housing is available in Daniell Heights starting in the Spring 2020 semester.  Two bedroom apartments are available.  Contracts would start on January 11, 2020 and end on June 30, 2020.  Students would have the option in February 2020 to keep the contract and renew for an additional year so the contract would end June 30, 2021.
If you are a graduate student, married student, have full time custody of minor dependent children, or are over the age of 21, this may be the right choice for you.  You can add your name now to the Daniell Heights waiting list (students) found here:
All Daniell Heights apartments have been renovated within the last four years.  Rent includes: internet access, cable access, electricity, water, sewer, and trash removal.  Students with vehicles are required to purchase a parking permit to park on campus, but convenient parking is available to the student throughout the Daniell Heights complex instead of a remote lot.  For students who do not have a personal vehicle, a Zip car is stationed in the Daniell Heights parking lot.  Transportation Services does provide shuttle drop off and pick up in Daniell Heights as well.
Questions?  Please email for assistance.

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Winter Break is Here

The end of the semester is coming, and it is time to take a break.  Please make sure you review complete end of semester details in the online Winter 2019 Take a Break website:

Quiet hours begin this Friday, December 13 at midnight and will remain in effect through finals week until noon on December 20.  This is for one week to help students study during finals week.

All residence halls and the house at 21610 Woodland officially close at noon on Saturday, December 21.  The residence halls wil be closed and locked during the break.  All students are permitted to return on Thursday, January 9 at 9am.

The last dining hall meal of Fall is served on December 20 at McNair.  The McNair dining hall will close at 6pm.  Dining services begins meal service on Sunday, January 12 at Wadsworth Hall.  Normal meal service in all residence halls begins on January 13.

Monday, January 13 will be the first day of residence hall contract renewal online and also the first day of class. Please consider your future housing plans for the 2020-2021 school year while you are on break.

Residence hall students and students who live at 21610 Woodland who need to depart late after noon on December 21, stay the whole break, or return early before January 9 at 9am need to complete the online early arrival late departure form found online:

Please visit Housing in 153 Wadsworth Hall, email or call 906-487-2682 if you need additional assistance.  If you need urgent assistance during the break, please call DUTY phone at 906-487-3889.

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Spring Housing Contracts Accepted Now

Current students who live on campus do not need to take any special action for Spring housing.  Your current contract will continue through the Spring.
If you will be a new student in the Spring and you do not live on campus now, you can submit a housing contract now.  Exact room assignments will be made for new students in the first two weeks of December.  A residence hall contract is legally binding.  It cannot be used as a “back up plan” in case you do not find other housing you like better.  Only submit a residence hall contract if you are certain you wish to live in the residence halls.
New students who have never taken a class at Tech can complete a residence hall contract online on your MyMichiganTech account on your prospective student tab.  Your enrollment deposit may be required before access to the residence contract is available.
If you were previously enrolled at Michigan Tech and will be returning for the Spring, you may need special assistance with an application.  Please email to request a pdf contract to be sent to you.
Students over the age of 21, married students, students with minor dependent children, and graduate students who are seeking to live in Daniell Heights apartments may apply online using the Daniell Heights Waiting List Application.  One and two bedroom apartments are available.  Offers for Spring 2020 are being made now.
Questions?  Please visit 153 Wadsworth Hall, call 906-487-2682, or email for assistance.

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Thanksgiving: Take a Break!

Thanksgiving Break is coming!  Please review detailed Thanksgiving Break information posted online:

The dining halls will close on Friday, November 22.  Wadsworth dining hall will reopen on Sunday, December 1.  All other dining halls will resume normal service on Monday, December 2.

The reception desks will be closed during the break.  Packages and mail will not be delivered in the residence halls.  Staff will not be available to search for individual letters or packages that arrive during the break.  Residence hall mail and packages will be stored until the staff return from the break to deliver the mail and packages.

During the Thanksgiving break, electricity, heat, and water will function like normal.  Utilities will not be turned off.  Students SHOULD remove trash from their rooms before leaving.  If you have food in a fridge that can spoil, remove it BEFORE you leave for break!

Residence hall students must move your vehicle from your regular lot to lot 26 before you leave for break.  Vehicles must be returned to regular lots on Sunday, December 1.  Please call Transportation Services directly with questions: 906-487-1441.  Residents in Daniell Heights are not required to move their vehicles to a different lot.

Residence hall students must move bikes to a winter bike rack, put it in storage with your residence hall council, or take it home by Friday, November 22.  The summer bike racks around the residence halls and campus will be removed.  Bikes that are not moved will be considered abandoned.

If you live in Wadsworth, McNair, Douglass Houghton, or Hillside Place and you will be staying with us during the whole break or just part of the break during any of these dates (Sunday, November 24 through Friday, November 29), please register online using the ‘Request to Stay for the Break’ google form.  You can find the form on under the ‘forms’ section.  There is no fee to stay with us during the break.

If you have questions, please visit Residence Education and Housing Services, 153 Wadsworth Hall, call 906-487-2682, or email for assistance. 

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Resident Assistant Applications for 2020-2021

The Department of Residence Education and Housing Services is officially accepting applications to become a Resident Assistant (RA) for the 2020-2021 academic year. You may find the application and more information about the position on the RA info page.

Applications will be accepted until Friday, January 31, at 5 PM.

The RA position is one of the most rewarding student leadership opportunities on campus. There are five primary areas of responsibility for the RA position:
  1. Support the Residential Learning Model approach to residence education and promote learning opportunities
  2. Be present and engage with creating a community within the residence halls
  3. Maintain the highest level of legal and safety compliance within the residence halls
  4. Represent Residence Education and Housing Services appropriately
  5. Communicate appropriately with supervisors, staff, and residents.

RAs receive a single occupancy room, an unlimited meal plan, and a membership to the Quad Core Fitness Center as compensation for serving in the position. Meals will be provided during all training activities and break coverage.

If interested in becoming an RA for the 2020-2021 academic year, please attend an upcoming info session with our professional staff members. In order to be considered for a position, candidates MUST attend at least 1 info session. Our staff will be hosting info sessions on:
  • Thursday, November 7, at 7 PM, in the Wadsworth Hall Annex
  • Tuesday, December 3, at 8 PM, in Wadsworth Rooms G17/19
  • Thursday, December 5, at 9 PM, in the Douglass Houghton Hall Ballroom
  • Tuesday, December 10, at 7:30 PM, in the West McNair Lounge
  • Thursday, December 12, at 7 PM, in the Wadsworth Annex
Additional dates in January may be added at a later time.
Questions?  Please email for additional assistance.

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Daniell Heights Apartments Available

Many graduate students, married students, students with minor dependent children, and students over the age of 21 call Daniell Heights home.  One and two bedroom apartments are currently available in Daniell Heights.

Rates for Daniell Heights are posted online:

Students who wish to be contract holders in Daniell Heights can complete the Daniell Heights application (students) online now:

If you have questions about Daniell Heights apartments, please visit Housing at 153 Wadsworth Hall, email, or call 906-487-2682.  Housing is open to assist you Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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