Day: February 20, 2015

UPDATE: Anthem and BCBS Identity Theft

Anthem Security Breach has Potential Affect on BCBSM Members
BCBSM) was made aware of a security breach with Anthem, which may affect employees and retirees of Michigan Tech who received services in the affected states. Information has been emailed to Michigan Tech employees who carry Tech’s insurance with more information and an article will be published in Monday’s edition of Tech Today.

As an employee or retiree if you or your family member had services in one of the state listed below, you should call Anthem at 877-263-7995 or visit

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: – How to Access & Sign Up For Identity Theft Monitoring Services –  How Anthem is Protecting You

Performance Management Reminder

It’s hard to believe that we are already 4 months into the annual Performance Management cycle, and as February begins, we wanted to take a moment to pass along a few friendly reminders regarding the Performance Management Process.

1)            Establish and Record Goals

If you have not done so already, meet with your employee(s) to discuss and establish performance goals and record those on the Performance Management Form .  Goal setting is an important first step in the performance management process.  The ability to assess performance is greatly enhanced when there are performance goals in place to evaluate.  Well-defined goals provide both employees and managers with a roadmap to focus their daily efforts.


2)            Schedule Mid-Year Reviews

Schedule a formal check-in with your employee(s) to take place in March or April.  In addition to timely feedback and coaching throughout the year, a Mid-Year Review is a key component of the Performance Management Process.  This meeting will allow you to have a two-way discussion about the status of the goals and development plan to date, and allow you to make any necessary modifications as you prepare for the remainder of the year.


Taking care of these steps now will ensure your year-end review will go smoothly.


If you have any question regarding Performance Management at Michigan Tech, please visit the HR website at


Performance Management image