Reminder Registration Open for 2016 Amazing Challenge

Registration is open for the fifth annual HuskyPAW/SWEAT Amazing Challenge to be held on Saturday, July 30.

If you’re not familiar with the HuskyPAW/SWEAT Amazing Challenge, it’s loosely based on the TV show “The Amazing Race.”

Teams complete a series of challenges while they race toward the finish line. These are a mix of physical activities and mental challenges or puzzles. A challenge needs to be completed in order to receive a clue to move forward. While this can be a competitive race for many teams, it can also be a fun family event completed at your own pace.

Register your team of colleagues, friends and family. Teams are limited to four adults, although teams made up of families with children are allowed more than four members.

The deadline to register is Friday, July 15, but space is limited. HuskyPAW members will receive bonus points for participating.

Volunteers are also needed the day of the event. If interested, email Shannon Brodeur.