How do I change majors?

Schedule a meeting with the advisor of the new degree, then complete a “change of curriculum”form with the new advisor–he or she needs to sign this. Some Humanities majors require additional material (a writing sample, a minimum GPA, etc.). The advisor will let you know if there are additional steps. It is also a courtesy to contact your former advisor so he or she knows you’ve changed plans.

Where is the flow chart for my degree?

Flow charts for degrees in Humanities do not exist. One of the benefits of a Humanities major is the flexibility and choice you have in scheduling your courses and structuring your degree. A sampling of courses for the different majors is available on the Department of Humanities website under the “undergraduate”tab. A full list of requirements may be found on the College of Arts and Science’s degree audits page. The best way to make sure you are completing the requirements for your major is to meet regularly with your advisor and to use your My Michigan Tech portal to access DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) for your personalized audit report.