Month: November 2013

MTC Humanities Guest Lecturer Series Presents Laine Nooney

This Tuesday, November 5, the MTC Humanities Guest Lecturer Series presents a talk by Laine Nooney called “How We Compute History: Women, Computers and Gaming in the 1980s Household.”

Laine Nooney is a media archaeologist and cultural historian of computers and video games. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at Stony Brook University in the Department of Cultural Analysis and Theory. She is the Editorial Assistant to the Journal of Visual Culture, Assistant to the William A. Higinbotham Game Studies Collection, and recently assisted producing a documentary on the early analog computer game, Tennis for Two. She was also co-organizer of the first Different Games Conference, the first conference on diversity, difference and inclusivity in games and culture. Nooney has spoken internationally on women in game history, and has shared her research with NPR’s Marketplace, KillScreen, and NYU’s Game Center.

The lecture is at 5:00 pm in Walker 120. Refreshments will be served.