Harsh and Prannay

Harsh and Prannay

Harsh Malu, first-year mechanical engineering major

I knew Michigan Tech was in a remote location. I thought being here could help me find peace. I love it here. I get to meet new people every day. Getting outside of India helps prepare me to be a better global citizen.

A mutual friend on campus introduced me to Prannay last September at a Lord Ganesha ceremony. Turns out we have the same last name. Out of curiosity, I asked what Prannay’s grandfather’s name was, and later asked my grandmother if she knew him. I found out Prannay is my fourth cousin—his family migrated out of our city about 25 years ago.

During my highs and lows, I know I can always go to him. He’s a mentor to me. He shows me how things work here, helped me attend my first Career Fair, and encourages me to become more involved with the Indian Student Association. Now I am part of the executive board—he passed the torch on to me.

I would like to tell Prannay one thing . . . I am going to miss you.

Prannay Malu, electrical engineering graduate student

When I decided to come to America to pursue my master’s, I imagined a completely different picture of this country. I never thought I’d come to such a remote location. But it’s been an amazing journey so far. I did my undergraduate studies in India, and after working for a couple of years, decided to level myself up and study more. Destiny brought me to this beautiful, small town. In spite of the cold, sometimes harsh weather, I survived because of the warmth of the people here.

Some of the best advice I have gotten is from a Retd. Brigadier from the Indian Army. He said that the most important thing in life is to be happy. Happy with what you do and who you are. That’s become my motto in life. Be happy.

To find a cousin at Michigan Tech is so crazy—7,666 miles away from home! They say the world is a small place, and I have proof of that. Harsh is like my younger brother and I feel responsible for him. I love being a big brother—making sure he’s comfortable, helping him, and making home-cooked meals for him and his friends. I don’t find anything more satisfying than helping others. You grow a bit more when you help people.

Our cities back in India are about 10 hours apart. We plan to visit each other often.