Wellness Model Balances Life’s Demands

You only have to be a part of the Michigan Tech community for a short time before realizing that there are a lot of opportunities on campus for leadership and involvement. Michigan Tech inspires learning, creates possibilities, exceeds expectations, and always puts students first. But, how do you balance academics with learning that takes place outside the classroom?

In order to achieve total wellness, life calls for balance in seven different dimensions:

  • environmental
  • intellectual
  • spiritual
  • physical
  • emotional
  • social
  • financial and occupational

The goal of Michigan Tech Wellness is to provide campus with information and education to improve students’ overall well-being. Michigan Tech Wellness is influenced by a group of students with a passion for health and wellness, especially as it pertains to the demands of college life. By focusing on programs, events, and outreach directed toward these seven dimensions, Wellness can educate Michigan Tech students about how to balance the potentially stressful workload of class, student organizations, and work. The model promotes healthy alternatives aimed at lowering stress, promoting healthy living, and building healthy campus relationships.

As a university, Michigan Tech prepares its students to create the future. By learning balance early, Michigan Tech students will be better prepared for what challenges lie ahead and how to navigate through them while maintaining balance.

—Whitney Boroski